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10 Highly Anticipated New Horror Movies of 2016

Even though we’re just a few months in, we’ve had some fantastic horror movies come out this year, including The Boy, The Witch, and 10 Cloverfield Lane. While some people absolutely loved these films, others were left bored and disappointed. But fear not; this is just the beginning of 2016, and the horror movies we’ve experienced thus far are only …

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Kristy (2014) – Film Review

Kristy was directed by Olly Blackburn from a script by Anthony Jaswinski, starring Haley Bennett, Ashley Greene, and the guy from that Taylor Swift video (Lucas Till, also of the X-Men franchise). The film follows Justine (Haley Bennett), a college student who remains on campus during Thanksgiving break, as she is tormented by a cult. The cult members, led by Violet …

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New Nightmare On Elm Street Details Confirmed

Looks like Jason isn’t the only one getting a period-style-makeover! Platinum Dunes just announced a sequel to their remake of A Nightmare On Elm Street, and it sounds like they’re going to pull a Hellraiser 2-esque trip back in time – only in this case, it won’t be to World War II. It’ll be all the way back to knighthood, …

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See the Full Trailer for Wolf Creek TV Series!

Mick Taylor (John Jarratt): “I shoot pests: Pigs, donkeys, camels… tourists…” Wolf Creek is the latest horror film franchise getting a TV series treatment; the exemplar of “Ozsploitation” will be premier on May 12th as a 6-part series on the Australian streaming service Stan. Like the films Wolf Creek and Wolf Creek 2, director Greg McLean is helming the series, …

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8 Horrifying and Haunting Music Videos

There are huge stylistic differences between musical genres like Goth, Thrash, and Alternative. Yet in videos, there’s often a dark, haunting aesthetic that bonds these disparate categories. As the art of making videos has become as involved and popular as feature filmmaking, music fans are often treated to amazing and impactful multi-media experiences. While there are plenty of disturbing music …

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Los Angeles Indie Film ‘Scythe’ Gains Traction!

The world of independent horror is a large and thriving place, home to a vast community of directors, actors, and effects artists. In Los Angeles especially, there is an impressive array of different studios and filmmakers who carry the passion of independent film. One such director, Jim Rothman, has begun production on a new horror film, Scythe, which will be …

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14 of the Hottest Psychos in Horror

Although all movie genres provide sexy characters played by beautiful people, there’s nothing quite like a sensual, sinister grin speckled with blood spatter in a horror film. Some of the hottest psychos to grace the silver screen have us thinking that crazy is definitely the new sexy. Everyone has their favorite sexy maniac, one with tousled hair and deep, probing …

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Top Ten Horror Films Of The 1990’s

The 1990’s were a happening time for me. I was born in ’91, which is a pretty big milestone in my life, and I started watching horror movies shortly after. The films that I watched in those earliest years of my life really shaped my taste in movies, and I’m still loving those same movies today. Before you read any …

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Horror Movies Coming to Netfilx in April

As March draws to a close, the folks at Netflix are preparing a fresh batch of horror films for our bloody amusement. It also means they’ll be retiring a few films in their current catalog. Here’s what genre fans have to look forward to, and which films will no longer be available. Horror Movies Available on Nextflix Beginning April 1st, …

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