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Five Depressing Horror Films

I can think of a hundred films off the top of my head that make me smile like a goofy idiot, but it’s a well known fact of life that happiness is overrated. For every smile-inducing film in the world, there is an equally depressing movie lurking in the shadows, waiting to cut off your lips and hollow out your …

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Top 10 Creepy Twins in Horror

No, you’re not seeing double…  there are twins on your TV screen. Creepy twins can make you feel pretty uncomfortable – two people with the exact same features and mannerisms, physically and mentally closer than two people have any right to be, who share secrets and speak their own language. And, no matter how well you think you know them, for a split second …

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The Top 6 Scariest Clowns in Horror

Coulrophobia is a term used to describe a fear of clowns. What’s so scary about a clown? Well, there’s plenty of things that have people taking one glimpse at a goofy looking dude in a silly suit and running for their lives. First, clowns have freakily exaggerated features: unusually big hands, huge feet, and a giant red nose. Often enough they …

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Top 10 Creepy Film Scores by Danny Elfman

May 29th is Danny Elfman’s 63rd Birthday. Before he was known as a premier composer of film scores, he fronted the genre-mocking rock outfit Oingo Boingo; the band mixed punk, ska, and art-house sounds around a macabre aesthetic that borrowed imagery from Dia de los Muertos. They had a huge following in their home-city Los Angeles during late 1980’s, producing …

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Review – SLEDGE (2013)

I’m gonna give you an example of how I shop for movies: “What’s this? Five bucks!? Ho ho ho! This must be golden! Into the basket you go!” Of course, there’s a reason they’re only five bucks: because (usually) they’re no good. I’ve yet to learn my lesson, and probably never will, but that’s definitely a plus for those of you who …

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Southbound (2015) – Review

Anthology films are often hit or miss. Even the greatest horror anthologies aren’t without their weaker segments. It’s difficult to maintain a level of consistency, especially in anthology films that call for different writers and directors for each segment. Is Southbound an exception to those weaker segments? Not entirely, but the effort is admirable. Southbound is an anthology horror film …

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The Visit (2015) – Review

In 2015, horror fans were gifted with some phenomenal, original horror films: Babadook, It Follows, Creep, and The Visit. Some of these were highly anticipated while others were hidden gems, but the reaction from people was roughly the same. Audiences either loved these original stories or they hated them and didn’t understand what all the fuss was about. We’ve covered many of …

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You know, with a title like Jesus Christ Vampire Hunter, you’d think B-movie goodness would be boiling over in Katrina-like proportions. But, sadly, Jesus Christ Vampire Hunter just gives you a baptism of boredom. Set in modern times (2002), Jesus Christ (Phil Caracas) returns to Earth to kick some vampire butt. Joined by Mexican wrestling legend Santos (Jeff Moffet), the …

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John Carpenter To Produce New Halloween Film!

This year has been a big time for horror fans of all types: first, the Misfits announce that they’ll be doing a number of reunion shows across the country, including Denver and Chicago; then, it’s announced that the long-swamped Exorcist TV show would finally be getting picked up by FOX; now, a new announcement from John Carpenter may just send …

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