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8 Italian Cannibal Films You Need to See

Intro With the release of Eli Roth’s The Green Inferno, the cannibal film has gained wider attention. Of course this is not the first film of its type and, hopefully, will not be the last. Let us have a quick lesson about the cannibal genre; specifically, Italian cannibal films. History The cannibal sub-genre was established in Italy with Umberto Lenzi’s …

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Scream Factory Celebrating Carrie’s 40th With Amazing Re-Release, Brilliant Cover Art

EW was first to report that Scream Factory, the horror distribution arm of Shout! Factory, will be producing a deluxe re-issue of Brian de Palma’s seminal chiller, Carrie, in advance of the film’s 40th Anniversary: The set features a 4K scan of the film’s original negative and nearly three hours of bonus features, including a featurette which revisits the film’s …

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Review – BLOOD GLACIER (2013)

Perusing Netflix’s poverty-level offerings, I happened upon the Austrian flick, Blood Glacier. We had crossed paths several times in the past; every time I saw the title I imagined a film about a killer glacier playing “Sink the Titanic” with people standing in for the ship. Of course, it’s not about that. But that would make a far better movie. …

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The Shallows (2016) – Review

Everyone loves a good shark story. However, shark movies in recent years haven’t been all too great. The made for T.V. movie, Sharknado, has gained quite the cult following, along with sequels, but it’s more cheesy fun than it is actually good. Besides those, nothing that has came out has been worth remembering. That is why The Shallows had everyone …

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Atomic Zombies!!! Movie Review

Whenever we see heroes in the zombie apocalypse, they’re always superhuman in some way – they’re either MMA fighters, award-winning military pistoliers, medical doctors, scientists one step away from a cure or scantily dressed Amazons born to swing a sword. Never are they loud, clueless average Joes eating marshmallows around a campfire right out in the open. Those are the guys …

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