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Where Are They Now? America’s Ten Most Notorious (Alleged) Murder Suspects

America’s Ten Most Notorious (Alleged) Murder Suspects! Convicted or not, murder suspects grab America’s attention from the second police discover the first blood trail. The crimes are reported on the news in garish detail. We watch the cops getting involved, evidence getting collected and suspects get detained. When an arrest is finally made, the name of the accused immediately becomes a household word. …

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5 Awesome 2015-2016 Horror-Related Things on Netflix

5 Awesome 2015-2016 Horror-Related Things on Netflix We’re a generation of online streaming and although I love buying special edition Blu-rays, I can’t deny the fact that when in doubt of what to watch I can always browse Netflix and their plethora of options to choose from. However, some people are not happy about the most recent increase in their monthly …

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Behind the Mask: The Rise of Leslie Vernon Turns 10

With my ten-year high school reunion fast approaching, I decided to go back and see what movies came out the year I entered adulthood. The one that immediately sprang to mind was a clever horror comedy and quite possibly the most original horror film in the last ten years: Behind the Mask: The Rise of Leslie Vernon. It’s one of those films that just sticks …

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Retro Review – SLEDGEHAMMER (1983)

Come on, kiddos: let’s take a trip back to 1983. The home video market is up and rolling. Video stores are on the rise. Product is in high demand. So, leave it to writer/director David A. Prior to create the first shot-on-tape slasher flick for the home video market, Sledgehammer. A woman and her lover are murdered by her son …

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3 Teaser Trailers for AHS Season 6 Titillate

The upcoming season (the sixth) of the FX series American Horror Story has been shrouded in mystery; almost nothing about the plot has been revealed, leading fans to mad amounts of speculation and conjecture. Rumors suggest it might have something to do with “creepy kids”; others hypothesize that it will follow two distinct story lines and feature direct tie-ins to …

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Undead: Crazy Has Come for a Visit

Some horror films are meant to shock you with gritty, hard to watch scenes, pushing the boundaries for the censors as well as the audience. Others are meant to haunt your nightmares, forcing you to sleep with the lights on for weeks. However, one small niche of horror infuses comedy and action that is meant to be entertaining and over the top. …

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They’re Watching (2016) – Review

I’m going to make a confession to you all and I’m not the least bit afraid to admit it… I, Lacy Lou, am a reality T.V. junkie. So, imagine my surprise when I’m browsing through Netflix to find a new horror movie to watch and I come across one that says the plot is about a reality show gone wrong! …

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