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New Poster for Horror Anthology 10/31/16

We’ve recently talked about our excitement for the new horror anthology from Red Letter Entertainment, Inc., 10/31/16. This awesome horror story is the directorial debut of two-time Grammy Award-winning musician and composer Rocky Gray and is being executively produced by award winning director P.J. Starks. We love horror anthologies and based on the teaser we saw a few weeks ago, …

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PopHorror Takes A Look Inside The Barn

The indie horror community has been abuzz with curiosity ever since Fangoria Magazine featured news and trailers from Justin M. Seaman’s horror flick The Barn. What is The Barn? Why is it so terrible? What could possibly be hiding behind its big, red door? PopHorror was recently honored with being one of the first reviewers to get their hands on this long-awaited retro …

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10 Things Being A Horror Fan Has Taught Me

I’ve been on this earth for 20 years. For 8 of those years, I’ve dedicated my life to horror. I watch horror, read horror, write horror, and just talk about horror in general. Horror fans are able to view the world differently than everyone else. When you’re a dedicated fan, you can actually learn a few things from the horror community. …

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Amityville Exorcism – Official Trailer

Can we ever get enough of exorcism films? Honestly… the answer leans more towards yes. Over the years, a plethora of exorcism stories have been released, some being decent while others are completely dreadful. Maybe Amityville Exorcism will change our minds. Directed by Mark Polonia and written by Billy D’Amato comes a different type of Amityville story. It has a great cast starring Marie …

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Retro Review – THE SENTINEL (1977)

A friend once told me that they consider The Sentinel to be the scariest movie they’ve ever seen. Of course I have to check it out to see how wimpy my friends are and to, hopefully, make myself feel better about my answer to “What’s the scariest movie you’ve ever seen?” My answer: it’s not Showgirls.  Based on the novel …

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Review – DEAD BIRDS (2004)

Blind buys are always the most dangerous, yet the most fun. On the one hand, you could wind-up with some piece of toilet fodder that you can’t even give to your dog as a Frisbee because you’ll be charged with animal cruelty. On the other hand, blind buys can yield excellent gems like Dead Birds. A group of outlaws led …

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Ho, Ho, Ho: Top 5 Scariest Santa’s in Horror

I have a love/hate relationship with Christmas. I love the lights, the Holiday cheer, and the overall meaning of what this Holiday is about. On the other hand, there’s a dark side full of greed and despair. It’s not always a happy time for everyone. We don’t often see that side in movies, though, unless it’s a horror one. Christmas …

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