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PopHorror’s 8 Favorite Actresses in Indie Horror

It’s officially Women in Horror Month, baby! To kick things off why not start with some of the beautiful, incredibly talented actresses in indie horror. These 8 women kick ass and dominate the screen whenever we are graced with their presence! This list is no particular order as we love and appreciate them all equally. Melynda Kiring Melynda is such …

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Truth or Dare (2013) A Truthful Review

I always find it interesting when a film maker takes something from my childhood and expands on it, making it truly their own. For example, everyone knows the game Truth or Dare. Everyone has their own variations of it. I recently got to sit down and watch Jessica Cameron’s take on it and I’m not going to sugar coat anything. …

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PopHorror Interviews Troy Escamilla, Director of Party Night and Fright Meter Awards President

There are so many great indie directors in the horror industry right now – you can just feel their passion for the genre shining through in their work. They live it, breathe it, and believe in it. This can certainly be said about Troy Escamilla, the director of the goretastic slasher, Party Night. He’s one director that everyone should keep their eye on and, …

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’13 Bites Volume IV’ Anthology Book Review

Just recently, I was offered the chance to read 13 Bites Volume IV, an anthology of short stories edited and compiled by Alan Seeger and released through Five59 Publishing. Included in the anthology are 14 horror tales written by authors Adam Bennett, Sarah Brett, Lynne Cantwell (former writer for CNN), J.A. Clark (Sorcerer’s Order series), Jay Crowley (Cabin in the Meadow …

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‘Demons Beware’ By Mike Evans – Book Review

In today’s horror society, fans have been pretty interested in demons and exorcism for decades. It started with William Blatty’s infamous 1971 novel The Exorcist. Currently, the trend continues with television shows like The Exorcist. Now it has expanded in regards to Mike Evan’s new book Demons Beware. Evans brings a unique perspective on the story of demonic possession. Demons Beware is Evans’ first …

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Dario Argento’s Classic SUSPIRIA Turns 40!

Dario Argento's Suspiria

When it comes to Italian horror, few films are as widely praised and respected as Dario Argento’s SUSPIRIA. Do a search for “Classic Italian Horror” and this 1977 classic appears on every “Best Of” list you’ll find. Fans and critics alike consider it a true masterpiece of horror. Suspiria was released in Italy 40 years ago today. Take a look back …

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