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Surprise: IT Musical Announced For 2017!

As if riding the hype train from all the exciting announcements this week regarding the new adapted Stephen King film, Andres Muschietti has revealed that a musical adaptation of IT will be coming, and soon; as close as winter of this year.  “We were actually talking to Stephen [King] about it,” Muschietti said to Bloody Disgusting this past week.  “With …

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Horror Short ‘For Her…’ Begins Filming

It wasn’t too long ago that we shared the Indiegogo campaign for the UK horror short For Her…, and now we’re here to tell you that that campaign was a success! Director/editor/producer Daniel Mark Young (Run 2016) has recently let us know that filming on the project has begun. Check it out!   The two pictures above are the first …

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Evil Nanny (2016) Will Take Good Care Of You

It’s not every day that I get to think of the suspenseful and thrilling 1990 movie Pacific Heights. It’s a good movie and fairly unique. The days that I do, then, are rare and special and make me smile. I was reminded of this film while watching the new Lifetime horror Evil Nanny (2016), and I smiled. A lot. Directed by camp …

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Top 5 Almost Horror Films of All Time

 If you’ve ever googled “Bigfoot,” you’ve probably seen the hulking, out-of-focus photograph of a monster in the woods. For me, that’s the most frightening part of the entire Bigfoot myth, he (or she – let’s not be sexist about Bigfoot) is blurry. By being blurry, Bigfoot might be an ape, might be a bear on its hind legs, might be a …

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