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7 Badass Mothers Of Horror!

Usually, when horror fans talk about the mothers of horror, we generally discuss the more villainous moms like Pamela Voorhees, Norma Bates, or Margaret White. But what about the mothers of horror that are actually the protagonists of the story? Today, we celebrate the badass mothers in horror that would do anything for their families! Also, check out our list for the Craziest Moms In Horror! 

Estelle Collingwood – The Last House On The Left

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After her daughter is brutally raped, tortured and murdered, Estelle (Cynthia Carr) and her husband find out the culprits responsible are staying in their house as guests. With nothing but revenge on their minds, they make the murderers suffer one by one. Estelle starts by flirting with one of killers and proceeds to castrate him with her teeth. This badass mother avenged her daughter’s death and killed two of the three culprits with absolutely no hesitation!

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