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‘Alien: Reign of Man’ Trailer Announcement

When humans have nowhere else to turn, they must face their fears and strike out. That’s the basic idea in Jason Price’s new sci-fi horror film, Alien: Reign of Man, set to be released by Uncork’d Entertainment in August. Check out the trailer below!

Alien: Reign of Man is written and directed by Justin Price (Dark Moon Rising, Cloth). Starring Deanna Grace Congo (Dark Cupid) as Constance, Torei Hart (American Bad Boy) as Viceroy, Khu (producer on Dark Moon Rising) as Zan, and Cameron White (Dark Moon Rising) as Reed.

The official synopsis:

Stranded on a distant planet, a team must fight aliens and activate a machine meant to restore Earth to a time before its downfall.

Now, I’ve said before that I enjoy sci-fi horror and Alien: Reign of Man seems to be right up my alley. Alien: Reign of Man will be available on VOD August 1 and DVD November 14. Let us know what you thought of the trailer!

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