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Waxwork Records Presents: Friday the 13th The Final Chapter!

Waxwork Records

Happy Friday the 13th! Waxwork Records is thrilled to announce the release of FRIDAY THE 13TH THE FINAL CHAPTER Original Motion Picture Soundtrack as a Deluxe Double LP! The score is composed by Harry Manfredini and sourced from the original master tapes. This comes directly from the Paramount Pictures vaults! Waxwork brings you the ultimate soundtrack experience for the fourth installment of the beloved Friday the 13th film franchise. Look …

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Short Indie Thriller ‘In Flames’ Needs Your Help!

In Flames

Chicago native Carissa Kacmarek’s short film In Flames is on the home stretch. The crew finished filming and now they need your help on the next phase. Kacmarek and Co. want to send their film off to the festival circuit. That’s where you come in… Read on for details! [ad1] https://ksr-video.imgix.net/projects/3092873/video-821358-h264_high.mp4 In Flames Synopsis A couple goes into the woods …

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Freddy Krueger Coming To ‘Dead By Daylight?’

Freddy Krueger

One, Two, Freddy’s Comin’ For You… Well, maybe not for YOU, exactly. Freddy Krueger, the man of your dreams, could, however, be coming to Dead By Daylight! Michael Myers and Leatherface are already available as playable characters, so an appearance by The Springwood Slasher isn’t out of the question. A recent post on Reddit that’s also been picked up by Comicbook.com …

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Waxwork Records Unveils House 1 & 2 Vinyl Soundtracks!

House Soundtrack

Waxwork Records kicks off the Halloween season with a brand new, deluxe, double album vinyl release of the HOUSE 1 & 2 Original Motion Picture Soundtracks! Famed Friday the 13th composer Harry Manfredini’s scores are perfect for setting the mood at your holiday party… or any other party, for that matter! Read on for all the details… Details From The Waxwork Records Store House …

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Ash vs. Evil Dead Season 3 Details, Premiere Date!

Hail to the King, baby. Ash vs. Evil Dead is coming back for Season 3! The Starz show’s official Twitter account put the word out yesterday. Bruce Campbell and his crew return to the airwaves on February 25, 2018! Groovy! Ash vs. Evil Dead Season 3 Synopsis The third season finds Ash’s status in Elk Grove, Michigan has changed from murderous …

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‘Stan Against Evil’ Returning To IFC This Fall!

Stan Against Evil

If imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, then Ash vs. Evil Dead must be blushing. IFC’s Stan Against Evil wholeheartedly embraces the concept of an arrogant, flawed, disenchanted fish out of water doing battle against the forces of darkness. After a successful run in 2016, Stan returns to battle on IFC this Fall! Stan Against Evil isn’t just an Ash …

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‘Crazy Lake’ Official Trailer and Poster Released!

Crazy Lake

Indican Pictures, along with Directors Jason Henne and Christopher Leto, just released the official trailer and poster for the horror comedy Crazy Lake. The poster promises blood and terror on the nearby docks. The trailer, meanwhile, shows a bunch of kids out partying and having a good time. The fun is short lived. Tall tales and a local legend of vile experiments performed …

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