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I'm a movie reviewer and aspiring filmmaker from Danville Illinois. I'm currently writing my first horror screenplay. Some of my favorite films are Return of the Living Dead, Evil Dead, Gravy, Tales of Halloween, Shaun of the Dead and Dead & Breakfast. I'm very passionate about indie horror.

A Mother Knows Best (2017) Movie Review

Recently I had the pleasure of reviewing three mother centered horror shorts for director Stephanie Hensley: A Mothers Choice, Mommy Said So, and Momma’s Boy. These shorts, along with two others and a wrap around story, form A Mother Knows Best, an anthology film that was just released on Mothers Day. While I’ve reviewed the bulk of the material here separately, …

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President’s Day (2017) Movie Review

I’m a huge fan of Deadpool. When I first saw the trailer for President’s Day, it reminded me of one of my favorite Deadpool stories – the one where the deceased presidents are resurrected by a Shield Agent who also happens to be a necromancer. Deadpool is then tasked with returning the presidents to their graves before they kill everyone. …

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The Carnage Collection (2015) Movie Review

My love of anthology films is well established and I have reviewed a ton of them. The latest notch on my DVD player is The Carnage Collection, a film that features eight video segments that someone is watching on their new TV service. The theme here is carnage, something this film has in abundance. The Carnage Collection is the debut feature from Point …

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3 Dead Trick Or Treaters (2017) Movie Review

Several months back, I saw a post on Facebook about a horror film that was rejected by a film festival due to its description, even though the festival people never bothered to watch it. I knew as soon as I saw the rejection letter that it was a film I had to see. That film was 3 Dead Trick Or Treaters. …

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Jim Wynorski Returns to Roots With ‘Orville In Orbit: Sorority Space Massacre’

Jim Wynorski and Dustin Ferguson are both extremely prolific film directors. Wynorski has a staggering 104 credits on IMDb while Ferguson has an impressive 40 credits in his 7 year career. In Wynorski latest project, Orville In Orbit: Sorority Space Massacre, he teams up with co-director Dustin Ferguson and brings back fan favorite character Orville Ketchum from Sorority House Massacre 2 …

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Horror Comic Nico’s Fortune Launches Kickstarter Campaign

nico's fortune

Some of my many loves in life include horror, comics, and cats. A project was recently brought to my attention that combines all three, how cool is that? That project is Nico’s Fortune, a comic from Daryl Toh and Ryan King, which recently launched its Kickstarter campaign. Read on for all the details. Nico’s Fortune is the latest collaboration between …

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I Love MacKenzie Reynolds (2017) Short Film Review

I think everyone on the planet can probably relate to falling for a friend who doesn’t see them as anything but a friend. It fucking sucks. Most of the time this is resolved in 1 of 3 different ways. 1. They give you a chance. 2. You suck it up and remain friends. 3. You don’t and the friendship dies. …

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Beyond the Gates (2016) Movie Review

For month’s now I’ve been hearing ton of buzz about the indie horror adventure film Beyond the Gates, which has been billed as Jumanji for horror fans. Due to the trailer and the presence of several actors that I like, I have been dying to see it. Hell, I even ordered a signed copy from Dark Delicacies without having seen …

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Interview with Mike Cramer, director of ‘Teenage Ghost Punk’

Awhile back, I reviewed the fun, indie supernatural romantic comedy Teenage Ghost Punk. Recently, I was giving the opportunity to talk to its director, Mike Cramer. We talked about his films, the movies and filmmakers he loves and what the future holds for him. Check it out! PopHorror: What made you want to direct films? Mike Cramer: I wanted to direct because …

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Getting Schooled (2017) Movie Review

Like most people of my generation, I grew up watching John Hughes movies… Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, Sixteen Candles, Weird Science. I fucking love them. My favorite is The Breakfast Club. Imagine my surprise when I saw the trailer for Getting Schooled, a indie horror comedy that looked like Breakfast Club meets a slasher. I knew I had to see this. Today …

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