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I'm a movie reviewer and aspiring filmmaker from Danville Illinois. I'm currently writing my first horror screenplay. Some of my favorite films are Return of the Living Dead, Evil Dead, Gravy, Tales of Halloween, Shaun of the Dead and Dead & Breakfast. I'm very passionate about indie horror.

A Mother’s Choice (2017) Short Film Review

I’ve been a fan of Stephanie Hensley since I reviewed her dark indie drama Dane Granger for my blog last year. Awhile back, Stephanie announced that her next project would be a horror anthology called A Mother Knows Best, comprised of 4 short centered around motherhood. I have been looking forward to this project since it was announced and thankfully, …

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Indie Body Horror Flick ‘The Taxidermist’ Gets A Teaser Trailer

How far would you go to make sure your loved ones were taken care of? What if your child had cancer and you couldn’t afford the treatment? What would you do to try to save them? Most parents would probably do anything in their power. In The Taxidermist, a desperate father finds himself thrown into the world of human taxidermy. Check …

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Teenage Ghost Punk (2014) Movie Review

teenage ghost punk

I love movies that are dark, grimy, and gritty. Sometimes life gets rough though, as has been the case recently, and it’s just nice to watch something fun and upbeat, warm and lighthearted, and preferably with a happy ending. I recently saw the trailer for Teenage Ghost Punk, which bills itself as a punk rock supernatural romantic comedy and it …

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Interview with Indie Horror Directors Shawn Burkett and Tory Jones

Shawn Burkett is one half of the duo behind Concept Media Films as well as the director of such films as Don’t Fuck in the Woods and Betsy. Tory Jones is the co-writer and director of the indie sensation The Wicked One. Recently I got to chat with the two of them about how they got into directing, their various …

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Guillermo Del Toro’s ‘The Shape of Water’ Gets A Release Date

One of my favorite filmmakers and biggest inspirations is Guillermo Del Toro. I’m a huge fan of all of his films (the only exception being The Devils Backbone, as I somehow have yet to see it) with the underrated Crimson Peak being my personal favorite. I’m ecstatic to report that Del Toro has finished his latest film The Shape of …

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Brimstone (2017) A Journey Through Hell-Movie Review

When I was a child, I used to watch westerns with my Dad, so I have always had an appreciation for the genre. Generally, the more successful modern day westerns fuse themselves with other genres, giving us such unique films as Quentin Tarantino’s mystery film The Hateful Eight (2015) as well as the cowboys meet cannibals film Bone Tomahawk. A …

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Pool Party Massacre (2017) Movie Review

Back in November when I first started writing for PopHorror, I saw a post on Facebook about Pool Party Massacre. The project looked amazing so I decided to reach out to the director, Drew Marvick, who said he would hook me up with a screener when the film was finished. After seeing several updates about the film for the past …

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Looking Back On Kevin Tenney’s Underated Gem ‘Witchtrap’ (1989)

A couple months ago, I was scrolling through Facebook and stumbled onto a video that instantly caught my eye. It was a clip of Linnea Quigley in a shower being killed by a possessed shower head. The clip was from Kevin Tenney‘s 1989 film Witchtrap, which was soon to be released for the first time in uncut form on both …

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The Wicked One (2017) Movie Review

I’m a huge fan of indie horror films, especially indie slashers. For months now, I have heard a lot of positive buzz about one film in particular, Tory Jones’ debut feature The Wicked One. I remember being intrigued by the poster featuring the Wicked One’s masked face, and once I saw the trailer, I couldn’t wait to check it out. Did …

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