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Cannibal Claus (2016) – Movie Review

I’m just going to say this right now: I fucking hate Christmas. The only thing I love about Christmas is Christmas themed or set horror films. Silent Night Deadly Night, Santa’s Slay, Gremlins, Jack Frost, I love them. So when Writer/Director Sean Donohue gave me the opportunity to check out his soon to be released Christmas set slasher/cannibal movie, Cannibal Claus, I said yes almost immediately.

Cannibal Claus is the newest film from The Sleaze Box and Gatorblade Film. It was written and directed by Sean Donohue (Death-Scort Service, Die Die Delta Pi) and stars Bob Glazier (Chaos A.D.) as the titular killer alongside a “whose who” of Sleaze Box veterans.

The story follows Nick Cringle, a mall Santa who loses his job after five years of service. Nick has a fucked up past and completely loses his shit, deciding to go on a killing spree of all those he deems naughty. Shit-tons of gore, cannibalism, and excessive nudity follows.


This film is probably going to divide fans of holiday horror flicks. Most holiday horror films have a sense of campiness to them, that’s not the case here. Most of Cannibal Claus’ humor falls under the bad taste variety. We’re talking Skull-fucking severed heads and eating Candy Canes out of dead chicks naughty bits.

It would all probably have been too much for me if it wasn’t for the performance of Bob Glazier as Cannibal Claus. He murders and cannibalizes his way through this movie with pure murderous glee. Trust me when I say Billy Bob Thornton has nothing on this Bad Santa. He strangles a dude with Christmas lights and kills the man’s wife then skull fucks her severed head before pissing on their remains, stabs a man to death, runs some women over with his car, gets a lap dance from a stripper and almost kills her when she asks for payment, interrupts a couple in the shower before stabbing one and shooting another, and stabs a man to death with a candy cane, all while eating various body parts. He’s batshit fucking crazy but a flashback shows you that it isn’t entirely without good reason.

Toshiyuki Hiraoka (Death-Scort Service, Chaos A.D.) provides the music which is a nice mix between his usual Giallo influenced work and Christmas music. It works well for the film, setting the tone perfectly for the proceedings.

cannibal claus

Overall Cannibal Claus is a naughty Christmas film featuring brutal kills, a mean-spirited tone and massive amounts of eye candy. If you are a Sleaze Box fan you should definitely check this out. If you aren’t familiar with their films but like no budget sleaze, then check it out. If that doesn’t sound like your bag then this probably isn’t the film for you. Cannibal Claus is expected to release in December, the perfect stocking stuffer!

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