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My Favorite Horror Story: ‘Pickman’s Model’ by H.P. Lovecraft

One of my favorite literary pieces would be Pickman’s Model. Life imitating art, or art imitating life? As a child, these were themes that I found myself drawing upon when I discovered H.P. Lovecraft’s short but vast tale, Pickman’s Model. The tale draws the reader in, while testing the limits of the imagination until the bitter end. The story itself utilizes …

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Review: ‘The Thing Artbook’ is a ‘Thing’ of Beauty!

The Thing Artbook

John Carpenter’s The Thing is my favorite horror film of all time. It may be my favorite movie, period. I said as much in the retrospective I wrote for The Thing‘s 35th anniversary. It goes without saying that when I heard they were doing an illustrated tribute to the film called The Thing Artbook, I was beyond excited! Of course, …

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Get Possessed by ‘The Dark Net’ by Benjamin Percy: A Book Review

The web is a great, big scary place and Benjamin Percy takes it to a whole new level. In his book, The Dark Net, he takes evil and mixes it with technology. The Dark Net is like the black market and deepest, darkest hole in the interwebs. It is used to pirate music and movies to trafficking drugs, stolen goods, people, …

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Book Review – SNUFF FILM by Tim Miller

Thanks to Tim Miller, I’ll never look at a cheese grater the same way again. For those interested in the multiple ways to use a cheese grater, look no further than Miller’s latest book, Snuff Film.  Justin is a washed-up actor who can barely score a spot in a car commercial. Destiny is an aspiring actress who wants to get …

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James S. Murray’s Upcoming Novel, ‘Awakened,’ Has A Release Date

It’s finally happening, PopHorror fans! James S. Murray of Trutv’s Impractical Jokers is releasing his first ever novel, Awakened! Yes, I know Impractical Jokers isn’t a horror show, but that doesn’t mean that the four lifelong friends only know how to make people laugh. Co-written with Sixth Cycle author Darren Wearmouth, Awakened is to be released next year. So read on to …

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‘Hell Cat of the Holt’ by Mark Cassell – Book Review

Hell Cat of the Holt is the third story in Mark Cassell’s Shadow Fabric series. Although not a full novel, this novella expands upon the multi-dimensional lore the author began in his first two books in the trilogy, 2014’s The Shadow Fabric and 2017’s The Shadow Fabric Mythos: Vol. 1. Readers will be thrilled to find that the story of Leo, …

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Book Review – ‘A Life Removed’ by Jason Parent (2017)

(Note: I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.) After reading the pile of hogwash detailed in my last review, even an average book would have looked like a masterpiece in comparison. However, if you’d told me I would enjoy Jason Parent’s A Life Removed as much as I did, I’d have said you were confusing …

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‘The Dark Tower: The Gunslinger’ by Stephen King – Book review

Odds are, if you’re around my grandmother, you’ll find a Stephen King book within arm’s reach. One of her favorite series that King wrote was the Dark Tower novels. Being that I looked up to her so much, you could say that the franchise became my white whale… a goal that seemed so elusive to complete that I put it off …

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Book Review – NOTHING UNTOWARD by Clay McLeod Chapman

To me, good books contain several of the following: an engaging writing style, characters I can empathize with (or at least wanna spend time with), interesting thoughts condensed into a line or two for easy quotation, some good humor, a story or stories that bring me back for more and constantly wanting to know what happens next, to put me …

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Book Review: Degenerate by Rayne Havok


Erotic horror has been on the rise lately. No one has been making more noise in this sleazy underbelly of the horror world than Rayne Havok.  I’ve been making my way through her library and Degenerate is my most recent read and one of the sickest. Here is the story synopsis: After receiving news of his father’s untimely death Tyler …

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