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My Favorite Horror Movie: ‘The Wolf Man’ (1941)

As a kid who loved to read, my favorite times in school were always trips to the library. Being one of that rare breed of student who read more than was required, I was always on the lookout for something new, something to drag me out of the long school days. That’s where I found The Wolf Man by Ian Thorne …

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My Favorite Horror Movie – Psycho (1960)

While it is hard for me to choose just one favorite horror movie, the original Psycho is at the top of my list. In 1987, I went to Universal Studios California. An attraction that drew me in was the Psycho house. I was ten and I hadn’t seen the movie yet, but that house just intrigued me. When I asked my …

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My Favorite Horror Movie: Splinter (2008): A Diamond in the Rough


Splinter, directed by Toby Wilkins (The Grudge 3 2009) in 2008, is a film that, if you were to ask a good number of horror fans about it, they may not recall so quickly. Don’t let that fool you though. Splinter carries itself from its bitter and no-nonsense introduction in a way that pulls no punches. You will be pulled into this creature-driven body …

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Old VHS Tapes Get A New Look With Amazing Horror Art


Do you have any old VHS tapes laying around? If so, you could be using them to create horror art. France-based artists Patrick Massobrio and Nan have given VHS tapes a new breath of life and it’s truly amazing! Happy birthday Kurt Russell! #kurtrussell #nmpm #vhs #vhsart #snakeplissken #escapefromnewyork #escapefromla #tapehead #videoclub #videotape #scifi A post shared by Patrick Massobrio (@patrick_nmpm) …

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Why ‘The Babadook’ is Becoming An Icon for Pride Month

the babadook

In case you didn’t already know, June was chosen for LGBT Pride Month. It was made to commemorate the Stonewall riots, which occurred at the end of June 1969 and to support the LGBT community. But what does all have this have to do with the 2014 Austrailian horror film The Babadook? Why has he become an icon for the LGBT …

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Martyrs (2008): Pushing Boundaries and Challenging Viewers

For me, horror is about pushing boundaries. I’ve always wanted to see how much I could take, visually and mentally. When I was younger, I watched horror films with the sole purpose of being scared. I wanted to see how long I could keep my eyes on the screen before looking away. Now that I’m older, I’m watching horror films …

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PopHorror Went to Wizard World Comic Con in Des Moines!

The weekend of the May 19-21, PopHorror was able to attend a really great event in Des Moines, Iowa – Wizard World Comic Con! It was such a fun experience to get to see people dressed up as their favorite super heroes, Disney Princesses, and of course, horror movie icons! People from everywhere gathered together to see some of their favorite …

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Alamo City Comic Con: A Place for Horror Fans

This past weekend, San Antonio put on its fifth annual Alamo City Comic Con. While it is by nature a pop culture and comic convention, there is plenty to do and enjoy for horror fans. Normally this show is in the fall, so I wasn’t sure what to expect with it being moved up to May this year. I wasn’t …

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You’ve Heard Him Somewhere: The Musical Wizardry of Danny Elfman

In addition to his rockin’ band, Oingo Boingo, Danny Elfman has been a prominent composer and musician for film and television. While the 1980s had its fair share of decent music (especially the punk and new wave stuff), one of the best things to come out of that era was Mr. Elfman’s musical career. In honor of his birthday, PopHorror …

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