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Top 5 Scariest Hospitals in Horror Movies

Happy Halloween Month! Today, PopHorror takes a look at the top 5 scariest hospitals in horror movies. Why are hospitals considered to be such scary places? Just think of all the anguish that has gone on there, especially the asylums and infirmaries of times past. Even with the help of doctors and nurses, people would still writhe in agony as …

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Top 10 Urban Legends From Around The World

Happy Halloween month, horror lovers! To celebrate our favorite time of the year, PopHorror wanted to bring you our top 10 urban legends from around the world – five myths and five truths. So sit back and get ready to be scared.   Top 5 Urban Legends That Are Only Myths Meat is Murder  The is creepy urban legend comes all …

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PopHorror’s DIY Halloween Decorations

halloween decorations

Happy October, PopHorror readers! Can you feel Halloween approaching? I know I can, and I just love Halloween decorations. My family usually starts preparations in the beginning of August. This year, we discovered a large portion of our decorations were damaged beyond repair and not salvageable; it was devastating. I turned to what I do best: inexpensive, DIY and re-purposed …

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What’s New in Horror For October 2017

Can you smell it in the air? It’s the tart tang of crisp apples, the powdery perfume of fallen leaves, and the coppery cologne of blood dripping from the end of finely tapered blade… yes, horror fiends. It’s October. We’ve waited all year for this short 31 window of time, and we’re going to make the most of it. Many …

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Why You Should Be Watching USA’s ‘Mr.Robot’

Have you been for an excuse to start USA Network’s Mr. Robot? If so, PopHorror is going give you a reason or three to check this fantastic crime drama TV series out. Mr. Robot is written by relative newcomer Sam Esmail and sports a phenomenal cast including Rami Malek (Night at the Museum), ’90s A-lister and amazing actor Christian Slater, Carly …

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What’s New in Horror for September 2017

That’s right, folks. Summer is ending and Halloween is on its way. Can you smell the pumpkin spice in the air? As the leaves begin to change and Michael Myers starts sharpening his knife, PopHorror is here to bring you all of the new horror movies releasing this month. There are over 30 horror and sci-fi releases this month, so …

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Murder Mystery: Who Killed My Franchise?

Sequels are a bit of a taboo subject in the horror community. There are the fans who love them and those that find them to be completely unnecessary additions. Myself, I love sequels to stories I’m not ready to let go of. I like the faster pace, the bigger body count, and the increased gore approach. However, as fun as …

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School Bus Graveyard is the Perfect Setting for a Horror Movie

As a writer and avid horror fan, I’m always thinking about unique settings and different stories I would like to see in a horror movie. With horror, your imagination truly never dies. I recently discovered something called the School Bus Graveyard in Georgia and it’s a sight to behold.  According to ONLYINYOURSTATE.COM, “This unique auto-salvage-turned-art-gallery was created by Alonzo Wade, …

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What’s New in Horror for August 2017

Is it August already? This summer is just flying by. Between the heat, the bugs and the fact that Halloween is still months away, summertime can make even the most hardcore horror fan wilt. But don’t despair! August may be hot, but that only means that there’s some hot new horror titles coming out this month. Check it out! Yes, …

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