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New ‘Alien: Covenant’ Short Film Dropped!

WARNING: SPOILERS, AHOY! Today is a special holiday among certain horror fans: 4/26, or Alien Day, is a special time of year when fans of the Alien series get together and watch the classic films, discuss them, and generally, try and forget about the awful Alien / Human hybrid from Alien: Resurrection. The holiday is named after LV-426, aka the …

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M. Night Shyamalan Announces a Sequel to Unbreakable and Split!

For awhile now, everyone in the horror community has been talking about the amazing connection between M. Night Shyamalan’s Unbreakable and Split. The amazing connection is that they do in fact share the same world and what could be there than that you say? Well, a long awaited sequel that will bring both movies together! Yes… you read that correctly. This …

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Night Trap Re-Release for PS4 and Xbox One

It’s time to take a trip down memory lane. The infamous game Night Trap from 1992 is turning 25 years old, and with that comes a re-release for the PS4 and XBOX ONE! So there will be no need to dust off your Sega CD to play this Full Motion Video gem anymore. Night Trap is an interactive movie video …

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Scream Season 3 Gets Complete and Total Reboot

According to, MTV announced today that Scream season 3 will be getting a complete and total reboot. What does this mean? So far, we don’t know much. From what we do know is that Lakewood Killer Brandon James will be no more and that the answer to cliffhanger episode “Spring Break,” we will never know. Great. Just when we were …

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Indie Body Horror Flick ‘The Taxidermist’ Gets A Teaser Trailer

How far would you go to make sure your loved ones were taken care of? What if your child had cancer and you couldn’t afford the treatment? What would you do to try to save them? Most parents would probably do anything in their power. In The Taxidermist, a desperate father finds himself thrown into the world of human taxidermy. Check …

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Plans for ‘Resident Evil 8’ Are in the Works!

resident evil 8

During the last month or so, many of my friends have spent time on their couch with sweaty palms and a fast heart-rate after playing the new Resident Evil 7 game. If you love this game and everything that goes along with you’ll be excited to know that plans for Resident Evil 8 are already in the works! In an …

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Breaking News: Taissa Farmiga Cast As The Lead Role In The Nun!

Not too long after The Conjuring 2 was released in theaters, a spinoff was announced that will focus on the main antagonist, The Nun. and Deadline have announced that Taissa Farmiga has recently been cast for the lead role in the upcoming film!  Taissa is the younger sister of Conjuring star, Vera Farmiga. James Wan recently posted on twitter …

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Beach Massacre at Kill Devil Hills (2017): No One is Safe this Summer!

beach massacre

Summer is just around the corner, baby – which means long days on the beach, cold drinks, and fun in the sun! Unless, of course, there’s a killer lurking around… In the new horror film Beach Massacre at Kill Devin Hills, directed by Lawrence W. Nelson II, will anyone survive?  Official Press Release: Wicked Monkey Productions and No One Left Behind today announced that …

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Horror Comedy ‘Weird Folk:’ Where Were You On Election Night?

For some, the scariest horror movies involve mutated aliens, psychopathic killers or supernatural monsters. For others, the state of America’s political system has them screaming into the night. In Weird Folk, writer/director Scott Dunn and producer Gina Gomez plan to appeal to the latter sort with a horror comedy that takes place on election night of 2016. Check out the video below to …

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