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New Intense Clip for Dan Bush’s ‘The Vault’

the vault

The Vault is an upcoming horror thriller and so far I’m loving everything about it. A new intense clip was just released and it definitely has people – me included! – wanting to see it even more. Check it out down below and let PopHorror know what you think. The Vault is directed by Dan Bush (The Signal) with a wonderful cast starring James …

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Netflix Releases Date for Stephen King’s ‘1922’

Stephen King is killing it this year. With Mr. Mercedes, The Dark Tower, IT, Castle Rock, and Gerald’s Game, he is truly living up to his last name. We at PopHorror think that 2017 is definitely the year of the King! On that note, Netflix just announced the release date for 1922, an adaptation of King’s novella from his 2010 short story …

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New Trailer and Details for Indie Creature Feature ‘Gnawbone’

“Y’all gonna die. All of you!” Check out the new trailer and details for the awesome ’80s throwback creature feature called Gnawbone. It looks like we are in for a deliciously bloody treat with an extra layer of cheese! Gnawbone is directed by Darrin Means and co-written by himself and James Thompson. Volumes of Blood creator P.J. Starks (see our interview with …

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Take a Tour of the REAL Camp Crystal Lake on Friday the 13th!

Awesome news was announced by Camp No-Be-Bo-Sco, an active Boy Scouts camp in Hardwick, New Jersey. They’re planning an upcoming special event. Wait…hold up, where??? For Friday the 13th fanatics, we know that this is where the first movie of the series was filmed over 35 years ago! This is the real Camp Crystal Lake! Unfortunately, the Camp is not open to the general public. The …

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Watch the Opening Credits for ‘American Horror Story: Cult’

american horror story: cult

Ryan Murphy teased last Friday that we would get to see the title sequence for the upcoming 7th season of American Horror Story: Cult. As always, he was good on his word and gave us something for more creepy than expected! Because you asked for it…"American Horror Story: Cult" MAIN TITLE SEQUENCE will be released on MONDAY. — Ryan Murphy …

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‘Remnant 13’ Web Series Gets A Trailer

The zombie subgenre may not be as popular as it was, but that doesn’t mean that there aren’t any new movie and TV show ideas co-starring the rotted, shuffling flesh eaters. In the upcoming TV series Remnant 13, the world has become overrun by the walking dead. A small group of survivors try to stay alive and search for a cure …

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What if Will Poulter was the New Pennywise?

Taking on the role as Pennywise was going to be a big task for anyone to do. Tim Curry did it so well back in 1990 that anyone who would play the role again would have some big clown shoes to fill. Before Bill Skarsgård was cast as the new Pennywise there were rumors going around on who it would be. …

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International ‘Jigsaw’ Poster Revealed


The Japanese Twitter account for Lionsgate’s Jigsaw recently shared the international poster for the eighth film in the Saw franchise. The poster features the famous puppet used throughout the series that often speaks as the proxy for the killer. You know the one. The puppet who most often and famously delivers the line: “I want to play a game.” Check this bad boy out! Jigsaw synopsis from …

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‘The Conjuring’ Franchise Scares Up $1 Billion At Box Office

The Conjuring 2

If you love The Conjuring films, you’re not alone. Sue Kroll, President of Worldwide Marketing and Distribution at Warner Bros. Pictures, announced this week that the franchise has passed the $1 billion mark at the global box office. Annabelle: Creation, the fourth film in The Conjuring cinematic universe, pushed the series over the top. It’s quite good, by the way. You should …

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Watch ‘Evil Dead 2’ In The Woods With Bruce Campbell!

Evil Dead 2

When it comes to music, Elvis is The King. When it comes to horror, that title belongs to Bruce Campbell. Here’s your chance to go out into the woods with horror royalty and watch Sam Raimi’s classic Evil Dead 2! SYFY and Alamo Drafthouse are partnering to present the SYFY25 Screening Series in honor of the network’s 25th anniversary. For Evil …

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