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John R. Leonetti’s New Horror Flim, ‘Wish Upon’ Gets a Release Date!!!!

The year 2017 is already starting to be a groundbreaking year for the horror genre! With so many new releases coming out, horror hounds are going to have their hands full with bloody goodness all over their screens! One movie that we are highly anticipating is called Wish Upon and they have finally given us a release date and we couldn’t be more …

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Meg (2018) – Move Over Jaws, There’s a New Predator in the Sea!

Move over Jaws, we have a new predator in the sea. Meg will be getting its big screen debut in 2018. The new film is based on Steve Alten’s novel Meg: A Novel of Deep Terror. Meg features the story of Jonas Taylor, ex-Navy diver, as he tracks down the prehistoric shark Megalodon (Meg). The Meg is a 75-foot-long shark …

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Who Are The Bubbleheads?

Who are the Bubbleheads? Director Jeff Thompson knows, and he wants to share that info with the rest of us. According to Jeff, his hometown of St. Louis, Missouri has an urban legend that has floated around for generations. Parents would use this legend to get their kids to come home before dark, or as a threat to make them …

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American Horror Story Renewed Through 2019

According to EW, FX has renewed the hit show American Horror Story for two more installments in addition to season 7. With this announcement, the show will continue to 2019. American Horror Story is a horror anthology series, with each season having a different theme. Although the plotline changes every year, the actors on the show return each season in different roles. …

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Happy 69th Birthday John Carpenter!

John Carpenter

When you hear the phrase “Master of Horror,” there’s a pretty good chance John Carpenter is a name that comes to mind. Over the past 40+ years, Carpenter has done it all in Hollywood as a genre writer, director, producer, and musician. Today, we at Pop Horror would like to wish John a very happy 69th birthday! John Carpenter was born …

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News: Upcoming Horror Short Film – The Presence (2017)

Horror shorts are tricky. They need to be able to capture the viewer’s attention in a small amount of time without revealing too much or too little. They’re becoming quite popular and there’s plenty of great ones coming out this year. One of them that I’m looking forward to is The Presence. The Presence is an upcoming supernatural horror short …

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‘Safe Place’ (2017) Casts Independent Film Actress Kinsey Krutzler

Several amazing horror movies are coming out this year and one of them is Nick Hunt’s Safe Place. Just recently we showed you their new beautiful new poster and now we are excited to discuss their new cast member – Kinsey Krutzler.  Kinsey Krutzler is only 10 years old yet she has already 16 credits under her name on IMDB. Yes, …

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Supernatural Gets Renewed – Will Season 13 Be Unlucky For the Boys?

On January 8, EW announced that the CW’s Supernatural will be renewed for a 2017-2018 season. As the longest running fantasy show still going, this will be the show’s 13th year on the air. The announcement came during the Television Critics Association Press Tour by network president Mark Pedowitz. How do these guys keep doing it?  According to the Jensen Ackles, Jared Padalecki, Mark …

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Official Trailer for XX (2017) – An All Female Horror Anthology!

I was just browsing IMBD and on the front page is the cover and new trailer for a film I hadn’t heard about it. Instantly it appealed to me and for good reason… it’s an all-female horror anthology (writers and directors)! Check out the official trailer for XX (2017). Magnet Releasing and XYZ Films presents an all-female horror anthology directed by …

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