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Panteon Woods (2015) Movie Review

The found footage genre has been one of the more divisive genres amongst the horror community. You either love the film style or you don’t. There’s usually no in-between. What side of the coin does Panteon Woods land on? Read on to find out. This found footage story is written and directed by Micheal Ramova who also directed the NES …

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Honor Student (2015) Not Your Average Horror Short Review

The titles of movies to me are always so intriguing. I’m always wondering in what way do they have to do with the movie itself. Some titles are very self-explanatory, others you have to dive in a little deeper to try to figure it out. This was certainly the case for me when it came to watching the 2015 horror …

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‘Reptilicus’ (1961): The Only Danish-American Giant Monster Movie


Not only is Reptilicus an early 1960’s Danish-American giant monster movie, it’s apparently the only Danish giant monster movie. How does it hold up? To start with, my first exposure to Reptilicus was through the Mystery Science Theater 3000 revival of April 2017. As one might expect, the new guys at MST3K made fun of the movie (which is sort …

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Teenage Ghost Punk (2014) Movie Review

teenage ghost punk

I love movies that are dark, grimy, and gritty. Sometimes life gets rough though, as has been the case recently, and it’s just nice to watch something fun and upbeat, warm and lighthearted, and preferably with a happy ending. I recently saw the trailer for Teenage Ghost Punk, which bills itself as a punk rock supernatural romantic comedy and it …

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Black Rose (2017) Movie Review

black rose

You may be asking yourself what action flicks have to do with horror. Most people might agree that the two genres have almost nothing to do with one another other than occasional gratuitous violence. However, some classics such as The Silence of the Lambs (Jodie Foster, Anthony Hopkins, 1991), Se7en (Morgan Freeman, Brad Pitt, 1995) and Red Dragon (Edward Norton, …

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Stark Contrast: A Look Inside ‘The Dark Half’ (1993)

Directed by George A. Romero, Stephen King’s The Dark Half is a complicated film, with much of the storyline being open to interpretation. It’s also just a fun horror movie, Hoss. To be honest, I have not watched The Dark Half recently, yet many of the plot details and imagery are somehow fresh in my mind. More importantly, I remember the …

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The Dark Tapes (2017) – Found Footage Meets Anthology

Found footage films seem like such a simple concept to execute. They are one of the most highly debated horror movie genres. They are also relatively easy and cheap to pull off, so the level of creativity and inspiration aren’t always of the greatest quality. However, there are some original and cutting edge found footage films out there that took more than …

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Night Kaleidoscope (2017): Bringing Vamps Back to Darkness

Ever since Max Schreck starred as Nosferatu back in 1922, vampires have been reimagined and adapted to film for decades. Well-known features and actors such as The Last Man on Earth (Vincent Price, 1964), Fright Night (Chris Sarandon, 1985), The Lost Boys (Kiefer Sutherland, 1987) and Blade (Wesley Snipes, 1998) have left their mark in horror history depicting vampire monsters in …

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Tethered (2017) – Isolated Short Film Review

Those that say that there’s no originality in horror anymore are dead wrong! There are up-and-coming filmmakers that bring beautiful and creative ideas that just need some light shined on them. I’m happy to shine some light on one of the best horror shorts I’ve seen this year called Tethered.  Official synopsis: Abandoned by his mother, Solomon (Jared Cook) is left to …

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3 Hours Till Dead (2017) – Movie Review

The horror community has been inundated with zombie movies over the past decade. It seems as if every walking dead trope has been done – slow zombies, fast zombies, unkillable zombies, talking zombies, pet zoombies, soldier zombies, zombie hordes, radioactive zombies, virus-infected zombies, rabid zombies… we’ve even had intelligent zombies. The synopsis for Gravitas Ventures’ 3 Hours Till Dead actually sounded a bit …

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