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’13 Dolls In Darkness’ (2017) Movie Review

Sometimes I like to know as little about as film as possible before I watch and review it. That was the case with 13 Dolls In Darkness. I had only seen the title and a couple of posters, so I really didn’t know what to expect when I agreed to check it out. 13 Dolls In Darkness is a very …

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Distrust: A Psychological Horror Game

Back in 2002, Konami released a video game version of John Carpenter’s The Thing, which was a sequel to his movie. It ended up getting a poor reception, but it showed promise on what horror movie-related video games could be. Years late,r we are starting to see a rise in video games that are either based on or inspired by …

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Karate Kill (2017) Movie Review

Awhile back, I reviewed the trailer for Karate Kill, and I thought it looked like a cross between a martial arts film and an exploitation film. The trailer instantly piqued my interest and I have been looking forward to it ever since. Recently, I got the chance to check out Karate Kill. Did it measure up to my expectations? Here are …

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Black Mountain Side (2014) Movie Review

Black Mountain Side, a 2014 Canadian horror thriller directed by Nick Szoztakiwskyj, follows a team of researchers unearthing a strange object in the stark and frigid Canadian Taiga. It’s the tip of a stone monument with unusual markings and a carbon date showing it is far older than it should be by thousands of years. After the opening images of an …

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My Favorite Horror Movie: Splinter (2008): A Diamond in the Rough


Splinter, directed by Toby Wilkins (The Grudge 3 2009) in 2008, is a film that, if you were to ask a good number of horror fans about it, they may not recall so quickly. Don’t let that fool you though. Splinter carries itself from its bitter and no-nonsense introduction in a way that pulls no punches. You will be pulled into this creature-driven body …

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Arrow Video Blu-Ray Review of ‘Evil Ed’

evil ed

What happens when a run of the mill family man and editor gets assigned the task of editing gore films? He loses his mind and kills everything in his path. That, in a nutshell, is the plot of the 1995 horror film Evil Ed, recently released on Blu-Ray from Arrow Video. Check out the trailer then read on for all …

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The Klondike Incident (2017) Horror Short Review

The Klondike Incident is the third short I’ve reviewed for P.P. Urpansoph Films and, by far, my favorite of the three. I just finished watching it and I’m still giddy with excitement and shock. These guys just keep getting better and better! The short was once again co-written, co-produced and co-directed by both Gary Berger and Josh Mowatt. Although Berger …

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Amityville: Evil Never Dies (2017) Movie Review

The house in Amityville, New York, has been the subject of countless films from the original Amityville Horror, its remake, and its countless sequels as well as a multitude of indie horror films seeking to put their own spin on the material. The latest is Amityville: Evil Never Dies, Dustin Ferguson’s sequel to his 2016 film The Amityville Legacy.  Amityville: …

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‘The Final Photograph’ (2017) Horror Short Review

A picture is worth 1,000 words. Not only is there a lot to say about the photograph itself – the subject, the color, the tone, the angle – but it also says a lot about the photographer. Why did they choose to take that particular photo? In The Final Photograph, Josh Mowatt and Gary Berger’s second P.P. Urpansoph Films project, …

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