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‘Mr. Mercedes’ Red Carpet and Premiere Party

I recently had the opportunity to attend the red carpet and premiere party of the AT&T original series Mr. Mercedes. which was created by Boston Legal’s David E. Kelley and directed by Lost’s Jack Bender. With 2017 being the Year of the King, I was thrilled to be one of the first people to see an original Stephen King adaption early! …

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‘The Mist’ Episode 2 “Withdrawal” Recap

It’s that time again where we dive into Spike’s new series The Mist with episode 2, “Withdrawal.” Last week, we left off with Eve and Alex Copeland stuck in the mall. Kevin, Adrian, Mia and Bryan were stuck in the jail while Natalie was stuck at the church. This week’s episode started slow but it ramped up at the end. Hopefully …

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‘Barry Baker: Aspiring Serial Killer’ Review

Have you ever felt like there was something missing in your life? Like you were meant to do something much grander than you thought you were capable of? That’s the basic idea behind Tony Ahedo’s web series Barry Baker: Aspiring Serial Killer. Barry Baker: Aspiring Serial Killer was written and directed by Tony Ahedo (White Willow 2017). It stars Peter J. Konowicz …

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The Magicians: The Harry Potter of Horror

Welcome to a mysterious place where magic exists along with dark consequences for the undisciplined wizard. This world is unveiled to Quentin Coldwater (Jason Ralph), an outcast obsessed with a fantasy novel series called Fillory. When a secret college for the gifted recruits him, Quentin discovers his obsession carries more truth than fiction. This is not Harry Potter’s Hogwarts for kids …

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