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Celebrate the 4th Anniversary of ‘American Mary’ in Style

The Twisted Twins are at it again. The Soskas’ second film, American Mary, is celebrating its fourth anniversary on January 11th this year. American Mary is about med student Mary Mason down on her luck with the bills piling up. She uncovers the underworld of the body modification community. As she performs body modification surgeries, they began to leave a mark on her.

In honor of the fourth anniversary of American Mary, Jen and Sylvia Soska are holding a unique competition. The prize for the winning team is a rare American Mary banner… but wait, there’s more! They will also get a special prize package to boot. So what does the winning team have to do? They need to submit a “swede film” of American Mary.

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What is a swede film, you ask? It’s a film recreated from memory using only the supplies available to them. If you have seen Michael Gondrey’s Be Kind Rewind, then you should have a good idea of what a “swede” film is. Below is an example:


  • The competition starts NOW!
  • ALL entries must be in and sent to NO LATER THAN FEBRUARY 11th. That gives you just over a month.
  • Your entries do not have to be and should not be the length of the actual film – 3 to 5 minutes is plenty.
  • DO NOT SPEND YOUR MONEY. To “swede” a film is to recreate it by memory and with what you have available to you. BE CREATIVE.
  • Only one poster prize for the winning team but there will be a prize package awarded so everyone will have some cool stuff.
  • One entry per team.
  • Pick the part of the film that are most important to you. TRY TO DO IT BY MEMORY as we’re judging by passion not accuracy.
  • Entries will be judged by CREATIVITY, INGENUITY, and PASSION.
  • If you wanna rip and use any of the soundtrack from AMERICAN MARY, go for it.
  • Again, BE CREATIVE.
  • Entries from ALL ACROSS THE WORLD will be honored. We’ll ship anywhere.
  • TOP ENTRIES will appear on the Twisted Twins YouTube channel on February 11th as the judgement commences!
  • Each entry will be watched by Jen and Sylvia and the winner will be announced on FEBRUARY 14th (Valentine’s Day) this year with a special video.

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The rules were announced on the Twisted Twins Productions Facebook page. So, if your a filmmaker or even someone just getting into filmmaking this is your chance to show off your talent and passion. Not only do you get the jewel of American Mary swag but you also get to be featured on the twins’ YouTube site. So what are sitting around for? Get out there and start filming. Don’t miss this amazing opportunity. But most importantly HAVE FUN!


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