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Chaos A.D. (2016)- Movie Review

If you’ve ever watched a film from The Sleaze Box, you should know what to expect by now.  For the uninitiated, The Sleaze Box makes films full of sadistic violence, extreme gore, graphic nudity/sex and the occasional rape. Their movies aren’t for the faint of heart. If you think you got what it takes, keep reading.

Chaos A.D. is the latest film from writer/director Chris Woods (Amerikan Holokaust) starring Lisa Marie Kart (Cannibal Claus), Ashley Lynn Caputo (Death-Scort Service), Cayt Feinics (Death-Scort Service), Amanda Welch (Cannibal Claus), Bob Glazier (Cannibal Claus) and various other Sleaze Box regulars.

Chaos A.D. follows a group of people who are kidnapped and tortured on Halloween night by a group known as F.R.E.A.K. (Fucking Reckless Extreme Asshole Killers). The group consists of an abused brother and sister, a housewife who has murdered her husband and a politician with a prostitute addiction, among others. If they are going to have any chance of escaping alive, they will need to become just as savage as their captives.

This movie is beyond nasty. Just some of the things you will see in this movie are: torn off and severed dicks, bitten off nipples, exploding boobs, drills through eyes, sodomy with a strap on covered in nails and rape. There is more nudity then you can shake a dick at (watch the movie and you will get my choice of phrasing). The majority of the cast does full frontal. The violence is about as mean spirited as you can get. At one point Bytch, the leader of the various killers, tells one of her victims she is doing this to take away her innocence. That’s some twisted shit.

Chaos A.D.

I liked that the killers all had their own distinct personalities: Bytch the sadistic but levelheaded leader, Vixen the kill-happy loose cannon, Uncle Lester the serial rapist, Lilith the animal-like cannibal and Misery the behemoth. Major points for the Giallo influence with the music and the drill kill. The performances range from good to excellent all around. Lisa Marie Kart and Ashley Lynn Caputo are standouts. Their characters go through hell in this movie and they are both able to move flawlessly from vulnerable and scared to all around badasses. The end left me wanting to know more about F.R.E.A.K. Chris Woods… Chaos A.D. sequel, please!

Honestly, I usually don’t like films like this, but ever since I watched Death-Scort Service, I’ve been dying to check out more films from the Sleaze Box. Chaos A.D. didn’t disappoint. It kept all the elements I loved from Death-Scort Service but made me feel for the characters. Hell, I even felt sorry for Bytch to a certain extent, even though she is exactly what her name implies. If you love sadistic violence, ridiculous amounts of nudity, a fair amount of rape and sexualized violence, and you love your gore effects practical and messy, I highly recommend you check this out.

If you are interested in picking up a copy of Chaos A.D. you can do so here:

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