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Check Out the Retro VHS Box Art for Brian Darwas’ New Film ‘Get My Gun’

Get My Gun is always teasing us with awesome stuff, but this retro VHS box art is probably one of the best things so far! It’s definitely worth checking out.

Official Press Release:

The producers of Get My Gun bring us back to the glory days of dusty video store shelves and surly, yet informative clerks with this VHS box art put together by the film’s director, Brian Darwas.

“Wasn’t that the dream of every horror fan my age, to make a movie and have it on the shelf in a video store.  Since the odds of that happening these days are pretty slim, the least I could do is make one for myself. . . although, this one came out of the .99 cent bargain bin (laughs).”

Get My Gun is presented by Tragic Bus, directed by Brian Darwas and produced by Jennifer Carchietta. The cast includes Kate Hoffman, Christy Casey, Rosanne Rubino, Jacqueline Guillen, and William Jousset.

Official Synopsis:

The film follows the character of Amanda, whom after an innocent prank, finds herself pregnant and out of a job.  On the verge of motherhood and out of a job, she becomes the target of a psychotic stalker who will stop at nothing to get her hands on the unborn child.

Get My Gun will make the festival rounds in the latter half of 2017, before its theatrical and home video release. Man, this is one we are highly anticipating and we hope that it receives love at the festivals!

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