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Do You Love Me? (2017) Short Film Review

Loving someone on a romantic level can be awkward. You meet them and for whatever reason, you develop feelings for them and they become a part of you. In some cases, the love continues to grow and blossom throughout the years, through good times and bad. In others, for one or both parties, something causes the love to wither and die. In Do You Love Me?, we see what can happen to a relationship when one of the parties takes falling out of love with their significant other to the extreme and the effect it has on their mental state.

Do You Love Me? is a short film directed by Michael Viers (From the Darkness Theatre 2013) and written by Valerie Lighthart. The film features a cast that includes Stuart Mott (In a Special Place 2013), Danielle Levings, and John Glowacki (Christopher Darling 2015), The plot follows a couple who have fallen out of love and the violence the follows.

Do You Love Me? is a chilling look at the effect that falling out of love has on a couple. Part neo noir thriller and part Edgar Allen Poe homage, this film oozes atmosphere. From the opening scene to the end credits, there is an ominous and overwhelming feeling of dread, save for one brief scene of comic relief before the shit hits the fan. You know that something bad is going to happen, you just don’t know when or to whom. When it does happen, it still manage to be extremely shocking and cathartic. But there is far more to Do You Love Me? than that.

The short is only half over at that point. What follows is the doer of the deed dealing with the way their actions effect their mental state which, to put it mildly, isn’t at all what they expected. The fate of our villain is satisfying but left me feeling like their previous actions, in the grand scheme of things, wound up being pointless. At least they had to deal with consequences. The acting from our leads is top notch, leaving me feeling horrible for the victim of the crime and hating the guilty party. That I was able to feel so emotionally invested in a 12 minute short just goes to show how talented  everyone involved truly is. I’m definitely looking forward to seeing future projects from all involved.

Final Thoughts:

Do You Love Me? is a haunting and emotionally exhausting slice of neo noir and Poe inspired awesomeness. If you are a fan of neo noir thrillers, Edgar Allen Poe, or just like to see well directed and acted films, then I highly recommend you check out Do You Love Me? once it’s finished its film festival run.

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