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Dolly Deadly Gets A Rock Musical Sequel, Dolly Deadly 2

One of my favorite movies of 2016 was director Heidi Moore’s Dolly Deadly, a film that follows Benny, an 8-year-old living in a trailer park with his grandmother. His only friends are his deceased mother’s doll collection, which he vividly hallucinates as being alive. He is frequently bullied by the other kids in the trailer park as well as his grandmother and her live-in boyfriend. Eventually, he loses his grasp on reality completely and at the urging of his dolls, he proceeds to take his revenge on his tormentors. Imagine the shock and glee I felt when Heidi announced today via social media that Dolly Deadly was getting a sequel, and not only was Dolly Deadly 2 a sequel, but it was a rock musical in the vein of Cry Baby

Dolly Deadly 2 is set to be a co-production of Heidi Moore’s Wretched Productions and Daniel Murphy and Tom Komisar’s HM&M Films. The film is written by Tom Komisar (Night of the Dolls 2014) and will be directed by Heidi Moore (Dolly Deadly 2016). The story once again follows Benji, now all grown up and living as his Dolly Deadly alter ego and Queen Bee of the Paradise Park trailer park. This all comes screeching to a halt when Dolly sees a young mother and her son being attacked by drunken rednecks and intervenes, slaughtering them all. This leads to Dolly’s nemesis Slasherella and her roller skating band of Drag Queens, The Queens of Slaughter, trying to take over the trailer park. Needless to say all hell breaks loose.

dolly deadly 2
Tom Komisar (Left) and Daniel Murphy (Right) of HM&M Films.

Writer Tom Komisar had this to say about the project: “After watching Dolly Deadly for the first time, I was immediately impressed with the way director Heidi Moore was able to blend the seriousness of bullying with humor and horror. From the opening scene, I could tell she was a fan of John Waters which excited me even more and then I read a post online that she was interested in making a sequel. I was ecstatic when Heidi gave me the opportunity to write the screenplay for Dolly Deadly 2 and I knew I had my work cut out for me. Dolly Deadly was a big story and a sequel would have to be bigger. After banging my head against a wall for a couple of weeks I finally figured out what the story needed. MUSIC! Dolly Deadly 2 had to feature rock songs sung by our lead cast members.”

Director Heidi Moore

Personally, I’m couldn’t be more excited. I love musicals, especially horror themed ones. Repo the Genetic Opera (2008), The Phantom of the Paradise (1974), Rocky Horror Picture Show (1975), Sweeney Todd (2007) and Little Shop of Horrors (1986) are some of my favorite films. On top of that, Heidi Moore and the guys at HM&M films are some of the nicest and most talented indie filmmakers I know and I’m happy to see them join forces to make a movie that I know will be killer. No casting has been announced thus far but keep your eyes to and the Wretched Productions and HM&M Films Facebook pages for updates coming soon.

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