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[Exclusive] The First Trailer for Cheyenne Gordon’s ‘Scream For Summer’

‎Awhile back, we shared the news of a new indie slasher called Scream For Summer that was just entering production. Now, PopHorror is proud to share with you the EXCLUSIVE first trailer for Cheyenne Gordon’s slash-tastic horror flick!

Scream For Summer was written and directed by Cheyenne Gordon (The Wicked One 2017) and produced by Studio 605, the team behind The Wicked One as well as the indie slasher films The Woods Within, Campground and Campground: The Requel. The film starts The Wicked One’s Cheyenne Gordon, Jack Norman, Sonya Delormier, Brandon Prewitt and Mary Watters, as well as Falling Grace’s Adam Artherton and Austin Tarantino. Tyler Riley (The Woods Within 2014), Alicia M. Clark (The Hospital 2013), Sokheang Ty,  Kat Gore, Roman Jossart (Don’t Fuck in the Woods 2016), Sophia Manyet (Cinematic Reality 2017), James Tackett (Cinematic Reality 2018), Cameryn Zupon, Derek Litke and Niki Marie also star. The film is expected to release in 2018.

Official Synopsis:

Graduation is over, and for Sam Willis and her friends, there’s only one summer left to make as many memories as possible. But when teenagers of the town begin to fall victim to a crazed killer in a distorted smiley face mask, the memories will turn out anything but good for the group. As bodies pile up, the twist of who is responsible may come a shock to all.

So what did you think of the trailer for Scream For Summer? Let us know in the comments and be sure to like their Facebook page for all the latest information on this insane slasher!

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