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Frankenstein Created Bikers (2016) Movie Review

Dear God No! (2011) is a nasty piece of exploitation cinema that from it’s opening scene to the end credits, left me nauseated. From the aftermath of the rape and murder of a group of nuns to a pregnant woman being raped, stabbed repeatedly, gutted, and her unborn child torn from her womb… it was honestly almost too much for me to handle. I stuck it out and relished the deaths of the biker gang at the hands of a murderous Bigfoot. Well now the bastards are back from the dead in Frankenstein Created Bikers.

Frankenstein Created Bikers is the latest project from writer/director James Bickert (Dear God No! 2011) and starring Jett Bryant (Dear God No! 2011), Laurence R. Harvey (The Human Centipede 2 2011), Tristan Risk (American Mary 2011), Ellie Church (Headless 2015), Madeline Brumby (Dear God No! 2011), and Paul McComiskey (Dear God No! 2011). The plot centers on The Impalers, resurrected from the dead by Doctor Marco to do his bidding in order to have access to a steady stream of the serum that will keep them alive. In order to survive, they must contend with a one eyed femme fatale with a penchant for explosives, a hit squad comprised of topless women in cat masks, bounty hunters, a bigfoot, a rival gang of bikers, and the police.

Visually Frankenstein Created Bikers is far superior to Dear God No!, it benefits greatly from the upgrade to 35MM for this film as opposed to the 16MM of the previous film. But how does it measure up content wise? Pretty well. While not as quite as graphic as it’s predecessor, it surpasses it in fun. This film is beyond batshit crazy. The dialogue is hilariously vulgar. The gore is off the charts. Watch and bear witness to several brutal Bigfoot attacks, a shit ton of shoot outs, severed limbs, crushed heads, knives through heads, heads ripped from bodies, bodies ripped in half, exploding heads and more. It even has a literal skull fucking. Someone actually fucks the eye hole of someone who is missing an eye.

Frankenstein Created Bikers

The Impalers are all back. And while they are still the same shitty assholes, for the most part, they are immensely more likable. The returning cast is all excellent as is the new additions. Tristan Risk, as always is a joy to watch. Her character is a straight up bitch but she is a complete fucking badass. She spends the entire movie fucking people up left and right and is completely ruthless. I enjoyed every single second she was on screen. Ellie Church spends the majority of the film naked, covered in blood, and screaming while suffering various forms of abuse. I can’t even imagine how exhausting that all was. Just another testament to how fucking awesome Ellie Church is and goes to show why she is one of the most in demand scream queens in the indie horror scene. If I honestly had to give one complaint it’s that much like the first film, Bigfoot doesn’t get much screen time.

Final Thoughts

Frankenstein Created Bikers is a fun and fucked up exploitation film destined to become a cult classic. While not as sick or twisted as it’s predecessor, it makes up for that in pure insanity. If you like your exploitation flicks on the unpredictable side that I highly recommend you check it out. You can preorder a copy here.

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