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Happy Birthday, Tim Curry!

Pophorror would like to to wish a very happy birthday to legend Tim Curry. Curry turns 71 years old on April 19th. Let’s reflect on the man himself and two of his most iconic roles.

Timothy James “Tim” Curry was born April 19, 1946 in Grappenhall, Cheshire, England. Curry’s first well-known role as Dr. Frank-N-Furter in Rocky Horror Picture Show. Curry had met Rocky creator Richard O’Brien in 1968 during his time performing on Hair. O’Brien would write the role that would make Curry a cult icon.

Curry had originally rehearsed the character with a German accent and bleach blonde hair. He ultimately went with a British accent stating in an interview, “Yes, Dr. Frank-N-Furter should sound like the Queen.” Curry made Dr. Frank-N-Furter the over-the-top transvestite mad scientist we know and love. He would appear again in the FOX remake of Rocky Horror Picture Show (2016) as the criminologist.

Another role Tim Curry is known for is the iconic Pennywise from the miniseries made based on Stephen King’s IT (1990). At first, Curry was hesitant to take up the part of the sadistic clown because of the amount of makeup he would have to wear. He ended up taking the role due to the makeup being minimized. Luckily for fans of the film and book, not a lot of make-up was necessary as his portrayal so strong. Even John Ritter was disappointed that the group did not get to face off with Pennywise; Ritter thought the evil clown was the ultimate villain.

Happy Birthday, Tim. Thank you for giving us two iconic roles that we absolutely fell in love with.



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