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Hatchet Comics

Adam Green’s ‘Hatchet’ Comics Return With Issue #1

Victor Crowley is back! It’s been more than 10 years since Adam Green’s original Hatchet terrorized audiences in theaters nationwide. Eleven years and two sequels later, the folks at ArieScope debuted Hatchet Comics Issue #0. That was in April. Adam Green himself Tweets word that Issue #1 is now available for Pre-Order!

Hatchet Comics Issue #1

About Hatchet Comics:

Victory Crowley returns to terrorize comics in a brand new comic series! In 2006 film maker Adam Green released a new American horror movie that paid homage to his favorite monsters. The movie was Hatchet and it told the story of Victor Crowley, a deformed child that came back to life as an unstoppable killing machine. Cursed to live out his terrifying last moments again and again, Crowley brutally murders anyone foolish enough to enter his swamp sanctuary. Filled with over the top gore, classic movie monster horror, and a boatload of black humor, this is the ultimate comic for fright fans!

As with Issue #0, Issue #1 has a variety of covers, all signed by Adam Green himself. Check these bad boys out!

Hatchet Comics Issue #1

The Synopsis Of Issue #1:

Return with us to Honey Island Swamp for a brand new tale of horror at the hands of Victor Crowley in the new issue of American Mythology’s hit HATCHET comic series!

It’s 1983 and a group of college kids with aspirations of creating the next blockbuster horror franchise set out to find the place where New Orleans’ most famous boogeyman lived.  Old school American horror returns to comics with Adam Green’s vision of rage and terror unleashed on the page!

If you loved HATCHET Issue #0 then you can’t miss this brand new heaping helping of horror !  Issue #1 is written by James Kuhoric (ARMY OF DARKNESS, FREDDY vs JASON vs ASH) with art by Andrew Mangum (RE-ANIMATOR, EVIL ERNIE) and is available in FIVE different variant covers: “Massacre” by Richard Bonk, “Gore” by Andrew Mangum, “Full Moon” by Greg LaRocque, “Hand of Horror” by Buz Hasson and Ken Haeser, and a special limited edition RATED MR version of the “Hand of Horror” cover that is for adults only!

The Pre-Order just went live this morning. Issue #1 (all of them) hits store shelves in October. Super cool!

There has been a lot of Hatchet related news lately. As we announced earlier, Hatchet is returning to theaters this fall. We recently had a chance to talk to Victor Crowley himself, Kane Hodder. You can read that interview right here. Hatchet fans sure have a lot to be happy about!

Which Hatchet #1 cover is your favorite? Tell us in the comments! Stay out of the swamp…

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