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Honeymoon (2015) – Movie Review

I’m not proud of it, but I’ve always been guilty of judging a movie by its cover. If the cover art isn’t intriguing to me, I usually don’t bother reading the synopsis. The only reason I gave Honeymoon a try was because I really loved the cover and the synopsis caught my attention. 

Honeymoon (AKA Luna De Miel) is a Spanish film that centers around a psychotic doctor (Hector Kotsifakis) who kidnaps his neighbor (Paulina Ahmed). He locks her in a dungeon and uses twisted conditioning methods to make her submit to being his wife.

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To start off, I really like the simplicity of the film. It doesn’t have a lot of filler with minor characters and a subplot that takes away from the main story. Also, I always give points to a film for making me cringe. Just when I thought I’ve seen every torture method known to man, Honeymoon completely surprised me!

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The acting was also very solid. When a film is completely centered around two people, it’s up to those actors to carry the story and keep it entertaining. Hector Kotsifakis was able to start out as a quiet, almost sympathetic man. Then, he changes into a crazy stalker that’s willing to do anything to you. This is Paulina Ahmed’s only film, and for someone who’s never acted before, she impressed me as the strong victim who refused to break.

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Unfortunately, this film lost me at the ending. It tried to be clever with a twist, but I think it would’ve been a stronger film if it didn’t try to add an ulterior motive. The way they ended it just didn’t match the rest of the film.

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Final thoughts:

Although the ending disappointed me, I will probably end up watching this film again. If you like simple but disturbing horror films and don’t mind subtitles, give Honeymoon a chance!

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