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Horror Comedy ‘Weird Folk:’ Where Were You On Election Night?

For some, the scariest horror movies involve mutated aliens, psychopathic killers or supernatural monsters. For others, the state of America’s political system has them screaming into the night. In Weird Folk, writer/director Scott Dunn and producer Gina Gomez plan to appeal to the latter sort with a horror comedy that takes place on election night of 2016. Check out the video below to find out more about their crowdfunding campaign.

Weird Folk will tell four separate stories: The Clown, The Chiropractor, The Hitman, and The Breakfast. Each chapter revolves around different characters and how they intersect with one another, all taking place on election night of last year. Dunn says, “It’s not really about the government officials who were voted in, but the hysteria of the people who voted for them.”

Here’s the official synopsis:

Teenager Howie Oden finds out there’s a hit on his stepdad on the dark web. When Howie searches for him, he encounters scary clowns, bullies, and dead bodies all on election night 2016.

Along with the crowdfunding campaign, Dunn and Gomez are also running a contest for fans. How well can you display your dead, snuffed out friend?

Gomez and Dunn’s previous film, Schlep, was an official selection at First Glance Film Festival (premiering Sunday, April 23, 2017) and has been nominated for Best Comedy, Best Ensemble Cast, Best Actor, Best Actress, and Best Breakout Performance. It also won Best Comedy/Dramedy at Hollywood Boulevard Film Festival.

Gomez and Dunn only need to raise $47,000 for Weird Folk, which will run from May 1-31st. Election 2016 was one of the most divisive elections in American history. A horror comedy set on election night was the inspiration behind the story. Weird Folk is to begin production in Los Angeles during August. Director of Photography, Aj Young, is attached to the project. Cast and the rest of the crew will be announced during the campaign and finalized in June. Three winners of Weird Folk’s Snuff Photo Contest will be announced at the launch of their campaign.

Visit the film’s website for more info on the film and c check back in with PopHorror to find out who won the contest!

Update: the Kickstarter link has gone live! Check it out! Weird Folk kickstarter Check out some of those perks! I especially want the “Make American Weird Again” hat. Plus there’s posters, scripts, tickets to see the filming and boat rides on a Sea Doo Sundancer for up to six people!

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