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‘Mr. Mercedes’ Red Carpet and Premiere Party

I recently had the opportunity to attend the red carpet and premiere party of the AT&T original series Mr. Mercedes. which was created by Boston Legal’s David E. Kelley and directed by Lost’s Jack Bender. With 2017 being the Year of the King, I was thrilled to be one of the first people to see an original Stephen King adaption early! Does Mr. Mercedes rank up there with Carrie and Misery as King classics? Keep reading to find out! 

I went into Mr. Mercedes not knowing anything about the show or the Stephen King novel it’s based on, and what a treat that was! The show opens with a grisly murder as an unknown driver of a stolen Mercedes barrels through a crowd of trapped people. The show then jumps ahead years later and Brendan Gleeson’s Detective Bill Hodges has retired from police work, never having found the Mercedes killer. If civilian life wasn’t already tough enough for Hodges, he begins receiving emails from the killer taunting him for never solving the crime. I don’t feel like it’s a spoiler revealing what I’ll say next because all of the trailers focus on this, but if you want to watch the show and let it unfold the way it did for me, stop reading now knowing I highly recommend this show!

When we’re introduced to Harry Treadaway’s Brady Hartsfield, he’s a quiet, awkward employee of a local electronics store. We soon learn that he is actually the killer with a lair full of technology hidden in his mother’s basement. The show breaks up the grim tone with hilarious interactions between Hodges and his neighbor, played by Holland Taylor. I found it very interesting to reveal the killer in the first episode, opening up for what is sure to be a suspenseful game of cat-and-mouse between Hodges and the Mercedes killer.

PopHorror had a great time at the Mr. Merdedes Red Carpet premiere and can’t wait to see what fans will think. You can catch the premiere episode of Mr. Mercedes tonight at 8 PM Eastern on AT&T’s Audience Network!

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