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Neill Blomkamp Releases A New Short Out of His Oats Studio Called ‘Zygote’

Neill Blomkamp has been on a consistent output with his new Oats Studio. In the past couple of weeks, he has released two very different short films that have blown people away with with what he can get away with when there is no studio meddling.

His first short film Rakka, which is a post-apocalyptic alien film can be found streaming free on YouTube, was a viral success and got everyone talking. Then a week or two later he released the Vietnam era horror short called Firebase, and once again the internet was a buzz with what they had just witnessed. Then yesterday he released Zygote and once again his talents are on display.

Dakota Fanning stars in Zygote, a 20-minute sci-fi/horror short set in the Arctic Circle. The 98 person crew of a mining operation has been reduced to just two survivors… and they’re being pursued by a massive monster that is quite literally made up of the body parts of their fallen crew members.

We are loving what we have seen so far and hope Neill Blomkamp will continue doing these shorts, or maybe even make a feature film out of one of them. If you’ve been loving Volume 1 of Blomkamp’s new shorts and want to see Volume 2, then support Oats Studios by purchasing the Zygote DLC through Steam.

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