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Netflix’s ‘Black Mirror’ To Go Retro

Nowadays, it is increasingly common for a film or television series to be created based on a novel or previously published work. However, Entertainment Weekly has announced that Netflix’s hit series Black Mirror, originally a British anthology, will be taking the backwards approach by getting the literature treatment.

Created by English satirist Charlie Brooker, Black Mirror has a lot to say about society and our ever-growing dependency on technology. Taking on a sci-fi horror element to showing not-so-far-fetched futuristic realities, each episode is a disturbing standalone story with subtle overlap. Based on social criticism and the human relationship with technology, the series takes on a modern-day Twilight Zone twist that has earned a well-deserved 8.9/10 on IMDb and 96% on Rotten Tomatoes.

With season one (3 episodes) hitting Netflix in December of 2011 followed by four episodes in 2013/2014 and six episodes in October of 2016, fans have been left in high anticipation for season four. As rumors have been circling about the season to come, expected to release late this year, this recent announcement suggests Brooker has merely scratched the surface of material depicting this ever-changing world.

While waiting for the next Black Mirror season, Brooker is giving fans more to look forward to while potentially expanding the franchise’s fan base. A three-volume novel series authored by various writers and edited by Brooker himself is set for released through Penguin Random House publishing company to haunt the nightmares of the average horror reader. However, as Brooker seems to rely more on quality than quantity to keep his fans begging for more, the series will not be available until February of 2018.

Any fan of Black Mirror is aware of the deep storylines of substances offered through Brooker’s storytelling. Those patient fans holding high expectations should now put the upcoming novel release heavy on their radar as the franchise following will likely explode as fast as the World Wide Web can handle.

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