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Lisa Ovies’ ‘Puppet Killer’ (2017) Trailer Release

Over the years, there have been numerous films featuring deadly puppets or dolls – Chucky, Annabelle and The Puppet Master all come to mind. Now, there’s Simon, a puppet obsessed with horror movie icons. What’s so special about Simon, you ask? This furry monster looks like a reject from Jim Henson’s workbench and may even share a relative or two with that squeaky-voiced toddler favorite Elmo. Puppet Killer follows six friends during their Christmas vacation as they are stalked by the psychotic killer. Lisa Ovies is behind the camera as director and also came up with the story for the film. Plus, there is so much talent in the film that it is on overload.

Lisa Ovies directed Puppet Killer; her prior work includes working on a short for Women in Horror Blood Drive PSA (Blood and Dinosaurs). Puppet Killer is written by Kevin Mosley with the story by Lisa Ovies. The cast includes Aleks Paunovic (War For the Planet of The Apes, Van Helsing, iZombie), Richard Harmon (The 100, Bates Motel), Lee Majdoub (Supernatural), Lisa Durupt (Murder She Baked), Kyle Cassie (Deadpool) and Bad Cookie Pictures favorite Gigi Saul Guerrero (El Gigante, Barbarous Mexico). Not only is there a multi-talented cast but the behind-the-scenes talent is beyond phenomenal. Daren Leader of the band Steel Panther will be writing some songs exclusively for the the film. According to Daily Dead, Leader said:

“I jumped at the chance to work with Lisa. She is incredibly talented and she just knows how to make a killer movie! Puppet Killer is a great homage to the movies I grew up on and it is an honor to be a part of it.”

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Joining the Puppet Killer team is Jessica Cameron (Truth or Dare, Mania) as a producer. The music will also be composed by Stephen Gallagher (The Lovely Bones, District 9, The Hobbit franchise). Gallagher commented about working on the film:

“Lisa and her team have created a fantastically compelling film. I am extremely excited to be collaborating with her in creating the soundtrack to Puppet Killer. It will be great! Well… it better be… Simon threatened to hunt me down if it was not up to his own high standards…”

Director Lisa Ovies also commented about the film:

“I can’t wait to share this film with the world. We were excited about it before as our cast is so amazing and the film was such a passion project, but the caliber of people that have jumped on board to finish it is unbelievable. Working with Stephen on the score and with Darren to write original songs is insane. They are so crazy talented and having their marks on our film is fucking awesome. And obviously bringing the passion and energy of Jessica has been a true gift. The entire team has worked so hard to get here and I could not be happier to be working with them all to get this film out to the world.”

Puppet Killer is set to invade the film festival circuit in 2018. What do you think about a fluffy pink Puppet Killer?

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