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Sinister 3 Is Officially Off The Table

This is a sad announcement, Bagul fans. Those anticipating the third installment of the famous Sinister franchise will not be seeing it any time soon. In an interview with Movie Pilot, producer Jason Blum has announced that Sinister 3 is officially off the table. 

Jason Blum is the man who helped bring us Paranormal Activity, The Purge, and Insidious. During Movie Pilot’s Facebook Live chat, a fan asked Blum about Sinister 3. Blum’s response isn’t what horror fans were hoping to hear. You can check out the entire interview on Movie Pilot’s page.

Blum states:

“There is no Sinister 3. We didn’t do well enough with Sinister 2. Not enough people went to see Sinister 2 to make Sinister 3, which is really sad. One of the things that I get asked a lot is, “What are your professional regrets?” Obviously I have a lot of regrets professionally. Every movie we make, some of them are great, some of them are less great, of course. Sometimes the movies work because of the movies, sometimes it’s the marketing; it’s a complicated thing.”

“With Sinister 2, I was actually very proud of this movie. I’m not pointing the finger at anyone except us, but I feel like we didn’t have the right date, it wasn’t positioned the right way, and it’s a shame because I really feel like Bagul is such a great, iconic, scary character. I really wanted to continue with him, but sadly – at least in movies – we’re not going to.”

Sinister 2 was released in theaters on August 21, 2015, and earned $52.8 million worldwide with a $10 million budget, which doesn’t even seem that bad. Bagul immediately became a recognizable horror icon since his debut in 2012 in the first film. Hopefully, this won’t completely be the end of him. Yes, a third installment is off the table, but a possible graphic novel continuation is not!

Are you sad you won’t see Bagul on the big screen again? Where do you think Sinister 2 went wrong? Let us know your thoughts in the comments! 

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One comment

  1. There’s quite a bit that went wrong with this film. First, it dragged out information we already knew from the first film. The point of a sequel is to give the audience a “ah-ha!!” moment, which S2 didn’t do. We already knew the children were targeted by Baghuul, it had something to do with mysticism and previous locations. Deputy So-and-So was not a character that we rooted for, he was an obnoxious nosey man with scrunched up faces. It was dissatisfying to see him back again. I would’ve preferred the professor that got into contact with the writer to be the lead character. I believe the second film should’ve focused on the backstory of Baghuul, gone more into the past with the previous families, etc. I wish they’d still make a 3rd one because clearly they were doing a direction with the HAM radio…and curiosity wants to know how it ties in. There was much that could’ve been done with the second.