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You’ll Float, Too, With These Red Balloons in PA

Not too far from where I live in Pennsylvania, there’s been a rash of mysterious red balloons being tied to sewer grates. This stunt has the local police force “completely terrified” and have forced the department to ask the person doing this knock it off.  With the highly anticipated film It coming out September 8th, there’s no doubt that people would …

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Eerie Red Balloons Tied to Drains Are Popping Up Out of Nowhere in Sydney

Want a balloon? In just a few days, the new adaptation of Stephen King’s IT will be arriving in theaters near you. Some people are going out all out for the event. We’ve got marathons, costumes, and even headless Georgie statues. Now? Eerie red balloons tied to drains!  Recently, some people in Sydney, Austraila reported seeing random, eerie red balloons tied to storm drains …

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Little Pennywise is Adorably Frightening!

little pennywise

Andrés Muschietti’s IT is officially only 15 days away! It is the most anticipated movie of the year and everyone is going bananas over it. One fan decided to recreate the look of Pennywise with his little brother and the outcome is truly amazing. Little Pennywise is adorably frightening… Eagan Tilghman is the mastermind behind these pictures and his little brother, …

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