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‘American Horror Story’ Season 7 is being filmed in Haddonfield?


American Horror Story has been keeping things pretty hush hush, however, today we found out some interesting news. We’re not sure what this means for the show, but today the internet was abuzz with various activity going on at the locations of the original 1978 film, Halloween.  Turns out, American Horror Story is filming in this iconic location aka Haddonfield! …

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Take A Look At ‘American Horror Story’ S7’s New Monster!

Every season of American Horror Story has had its freaky monsters. In Murder House, we had the Rubber Man, a featureless BDSM specter made of shiny black latex. We got the gloriously hideous Bloody Face from Asylum who wore a mask made of human skin a la Leatherface from Texas Chain Saw Massacre. If we weren’t freaked out by a …

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PopHorror’s Top 8 Horror Movie Boarding Schools From Hell

This March 31, the horror thriller The Blackcoat’s Daughter will debut in theaters across the country and is now available exclusively on DirecTV. The film, which is directed by Osgood “Oz” Perkins (I Am the Pretty Thing that Lives in the House 2016) and stars Emma Roberts (American Horror Story TV series) and Lucy Boynton (Don’t Knock Twice 2016), is about two …

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20 Sexy Psycho Valentine’s Day Dates From Hell

Valentine’s Day is the holiday where we celebrate Hallmark’s ability to con us into buying chocolates, flowers and candy for the ones we love… or just really, really like. While we fight to make reservations and plan the perfect evening to show our significant others that they’re worth the time, trouble and cash, this year we wanted to give you a …

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American Horror Story Renewed Through 2019

According to EW, FX has renewed the hit show American Horror Story for two more installments in addition to season 7. With this announcement, the show will continue to 2019. American Horror Story is a horror anthology series, with each season having a different theme. Although the plotline changes every year, the actors on the show return each season in different roles. …

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American Horror Story: Roanoke Episode 9 Recap

After tuning in to the real American horror story that was election night, I looked forward to taking a much needed break from reality and tuned in for the pre-season finale of American Horror Story: Roanoke. This is the point in the season that we can kind of gauge where its gonna end. So far, I have been correct about …

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American Horror Story: Roanoke – “Chapter 7”

American Horror Story: Roanoke had a style change last week. Weren’t we all so excited to see what would happen next? I know I was and I was not disappointed. So much took  place in this episode and I’m here to give you all the 411 on what happened. So, if you have not seen this episode do not read any …

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American Horror Story: Roanoke Episodes 4 and 5 Recaps

With the pending shift in this season’s American Horror Story: Roanoke, viewers were not sure what was gonna happen in episodes four and five. What we got would humble audiences with the mid-season finale format. Ryan Murphy is truly a television God and did not disappoint. In episode four, we received the typical, before the finale, format. There was a lot of …

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