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Happy Birthday, Bruce Campbell – A Fan Art Tribute!

Bruce Campbell

For more than 35 years, Bruce Campbell has been entertaining horror audiences with his rugged good looks, brash humor, and over the top physical comedy. It’s no secret that we at PopHorror are HUGE Bruce Campbell fans. It just so happens that Bruce entered this world on June 22, 1958, so please join us in wishing our favorite Deadite Slayer a …

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Lee Majors To Receive Saturn Lifetime Achievement Award

Lee Majors, Bruce Campbell

If you were a child of the ’60s, ’70s, or ’80s, you grew up watching Lee Majors. From The Big Valley to The Six Million Dollar Man to The Fall Guy, Lee has been a staple on the silver screen for decades. On June 28th, Lee Majors will receive The Life Career Award at the 43rd Annual Saturn Awards in Burbank, California.  Majors …

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‘ The Evil Dead 2’ 30th Anniversary Vinyl Soundtrack Is Here!

Evil Dead 2

Waxwork Records Tweets word that the 30th Anniversary Evil Dead 2 soundtrack is on sale now! Fans can choose between the “Oldsmobile Delta 88 Yellow” and “Ash” editions of the release. These limited edition, remastered, deluxe soundtrack packages retail for $28.00 each. Wow! Take my money!  From The Waxwork Records Product Page: Waxwork Records is thrilled to announce the 30th Anniversary …

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9 of the Creepiest Horror Film Scores!

Music is one of the most frightening aspects that horror films have. Without their terrifying scores, these films wouldn’t have the same effect on audiences. Today, in honor of SCORE: A Film Music Documentary, which will be in theaters on June 16th, PopHorror looks back on some of the most spine-chilling horror film scores that were both haunting and beautiful.  Jaws (1975) …

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Glenn Douglas Packard – Interview With The Man Behind ‘Pitchfork!’

One huge highlight of being a reviewer of horror films is that we get to chat with the directors and actors of some of our favorite horror movies. We get the chance to pick their brains and get the real scoop on the films that we love. This weekend, we talked with Glenn Douglas Packard, Director of this decade’s hottest new slasher, Pitchfork! As an added …

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Paying Tribute To Evil Dead (2013) – Retro Review

“You will die like the others before you! One by one, we will take you!” It’s been 4 years since director Fede Alvarez shocked horror fans with his reboot of the famous Evil Dead franchise. Now, PopHorror pays tribute to what is arguably one of the best horror remakes of all time!  Official synopsis: Five friends head to a remote …

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Top 10 Shocking Animal Deaths In Horror Films

Horror fans are able to sit through the torture and death of people over and over again. However, when any of that harm is aimed towards an animal, then that’s crossing the line! Whenever an animal is in the picture, the first thing that comes to mind is, “I hope they don’t die!” Of course, some animal deaths in horror …

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Army of Darkness: Still Groovy After All These Years!

I’ve been a huge fan of horror comedies for as long as I can remember. One of the films that started this love was Sam Raimi’s second sequel to his 1981 horror classic Evil Dead, 1992’s time and genre hopping cult classic Army of Darkess. Army of Darkness marked a significant departure from the previous film. While Evil Dead 2 …

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Top Ten Cringe-Inducing Scenes In Horror

Horror flicks are infamous for pushing the limits of their devoted viewers. Every now and again, we fans get a scene that’s outright cringe-inducing, making us writhe in our seats with discomfort. That’s when you know that you’ve been fully submerged into a character’s reality. Throughout this article, I’m going to list what I consider to be the most cringe-inducing scenes in horror …

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