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Get Buried Alive in ‘The Houses October Built 2’ Teaser

If you are claustrophobic, look away now. After the success of 2014’s cult horror hit The Houses October Built, director Bobby Roe is about to bring us part two of the indie horror franchise. This is no normal teaser trailer, but it is a crazy 360 video. I don’t know how else to describe it, so I won’t say much …

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Altar (2016) Movie Review: Just More of the Same?

Just when you thought the found footage genre was dying out, here comes another supernatural found footage film called Altar. Does this film do anything new to reinvigorate this stale genre? Read on to find out! Altar was directed and written by Matthew Sconce (Firefall: An Epic Family Adventure) and stars Stefanie Estes (Bethany) as Maisy Marks, Brittany Falardeau (The Guest) …

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The Gracefield Incident (2017) – Movie Review

I’ve never been a huge fan of Sci-fi films unless they’re more horror than science fiction (like Invasion Of The Body Snatchers, which is my personal favorite sci-fi/horror film.) I’m never in a rush to see the next alien flick and it’s rare for me to fall in love with a Sci-Fi film. Was The Gracefield Incident one of those …

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CINEPOCALYPSE Film Festival Is Coming To Chicago!


The Cinepocalypse is coming! No, I’m not talking about a From Justin To Kelly sequel. I’m talking about a new genre film festival that’s coming to Chicago later this year! Entertainment Weekly broke the news: the inaugural genre event is coming to the Music Box Theatre this November! Cinepocalypse is a joint effort from Music Box General Manager Ryan Oestreich …

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Cage Dive (2017): Summer of the Shark

I officially declare that the sharks are taking over the summer of 2017. From new film 47 Meters Down to a new Sharknado, the place is flooded with sharp-toothed maneaters. The summer also brings us a new shark found footage film called Cage Dive. After watching this film, I bet you will not want to go in the water again. Official …

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Panteon Woods (2015) Movie Review

The found footage genre has been one of the more divisive sub-genres among members of the horror community. You either love the film style or you hate it. There’s usually no in-between. Of course, some films are better than others, and even found footage haters can’t deny the impact that the subject has had on the horror genre. What side …

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Lost And Found: Horror’s Best Found Footage Films!

Fimmakers have been creating a huge amount of found footage horror films in recent years. What makes this sub-genre so popular? Ridley Scott’s new found footage horror, Phoenix Forgotten, is now officially in theaters. If you haven’t heard of it yet, check out the trailer below!  In honor of the release of Phoenix Forgotten, PopHorror is looking back at the …

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VooDoo (2016) Found Footage Movie Review

As I got ready to watch Tom Costabile’s VooDoo, I found myself reading a few reviews about the film before I hit the Play button. I just wanted to know what I as getting into. Everything I read said it would be fantastic. Of course, this made me wonder if my expectations were too high and I would be disappointed that …

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‘Heidi’ Comes Home To Play Today on its April 11th Release Date!

When will we ever learn not to fuck around with dolls? Wild Eye invites you to come play with Heidi on its April 11th release date – which is today! Are you coming to join the fun? Heidi is Daniel Ray‘s first feature film and is an award winning indie horror starring Samuel Brian, Joei Fulco, Joey Bell, Eva Falana, Elizabeth Callahan, and Michael …

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