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Check Out The New Title and Teaser Trap Image from ‘Saw: Legacy’!

It’s been seven years since the last time anyone associated Halloween with the Saw franchise, but if recent news is any indication, it may be time for us to pull out our creepy, long-haired pig masks again! Previously called Saw: Legacy, the newest film in the Saw series now has a new name: Jigsaw. Not only that, but Entertainment Weekly …

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Check Out the New Stuff in the PopHorror Shop!

Just recently, PopHorror opened a brand new store full of all kinds of delicious horror goodies. There’s a tab for it right at the top of every page on our site under SHOP. Have you checked it out yet? If not, you should! Look at some of this awesome stuff! There’s an entire page of Funko Pop! figures, including Freddy …

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Michael Myers Slashes His Way to Dead by Daylight for PS4 and Xbox One

This summer seems to be shaping up as the ultimate season for slasher icons on video game consoles. First, there was the Friday the 13th game, which came out at the end of May 2017, where you can play as Jason stalking and killing unwitting counselors. Well, now it seems like Jason has found some competition in the form of …

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Check Out this Fan Petition to Bring Back Chris Durand for Michael Myers!

Everyone has their favorite actor who played Michael Myers at one point or another. For one fan, that actor is Chris Durand and he started a petition in hopes to see him behind the mask once again! Back in May, Blumhouse Productions announced that they were bringing back the Halloween series and everyone went crazy over it. Who would be starring …

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‘American Horror Story’ Season 7 is being filmed in Haddonfield?


American Horror Story has been keeping things pretty hush hush, however, today we found out some interesting news. We’re not sure what this means for the show, but today the internet was abuzz with various activity going on at the locations of the original 1978 film, Halloween.  Turns out, American Horror Story is filming in this iconic location aka Haddonfield! …

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9 of the Creepiest Horror Film Scores!

Music is one of the most frightening aspects that horror films have. Without their terrifying scores, these films wouldn’t have the same effect on audiences. Today, in honor of SCORE: A Film Music Documentary, which will be in theaters on June 16th, PopHorror looks back on some of the most spine-chilling horror film scores that were both haunting and beautiful.  Jaws (1975) …

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Michael Myers is Back! Check Out the Promo Poster for the New ‘Halloween’

Who is ready to see Michael Myers on the big screen again? Writer/director David Gordon Green and co-writer Danny McBride are currently working on a script together for Blumhouse’s new Halloween and we can’t wait to hear more details. Until then, we’re excited to show you the new promo poster! The new promo poster was featured at the Licensing Expo among other …

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7 Nights of Perfect Double Features

The horror nerd knows the unique pain and pleasure that comes with putting two movies together for a truly killer double feature – the kind of exciting combination that makes the entire viewing experience a new, sublime cinematic journey and makes each movie stand out as exceptional against the other. Being successful at this is a skill. It’s a trained …

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The Wicked One Coming To DVD and VOD April 23rd, Sequel Shooting Next Year

the wicked one

Here at PopHorror, we love our Slasher Films. Slashers have experienced a massive resurgence in the past few years, both in numbers and in quality, with some of the better examples including The Fun House Massacre, Party Night, Secret Santa and All Through The House. One of the most recent example, The Wicked One, has a lot of buzz behind …

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