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Michael Myers is Back! Check Out the Promo Poster for the New ‘Halloween’

Who is ready to see Michael Myers on the big screen again? Writer/director David Gordon Green and co-writer Danny McBride are currently working on a script together for Blumhouse’s new Halloween and we can’t wait to hear more details. Until then, we’re excited to show you the new promo poster! The new promo poster was featured at the Licensing Expo among other …

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7 Nights of Perfect Double Features

The horror nerd knows the unique pain and pleasure that comes with putting two movies together for a truly killer double feature – the kind of exciting combination that makes the entire viewing experience a new, sublime cinematic journey and makes each movie stand out as exceptional against the other. Being successful at this is a skill. It’s a trained …

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The Wicked One Coming To DVD and VOD April 23rd, Sequel Shooting Next Year

the wicked one

Here at PopHorror, we love our Slasher Films. Slashers have experienced a massive resurgence in the past few years, both in numbers and in quality, with some of the better examples including The Fun House Massacre, Party Night, Secret Santa and All Through The House. One of the most recent example, The Wicked One, has a lot of buzz behind …

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The Horror Halloween Anthology ’10/31/16′ Secures Directors!

Well, this year is becoming more fantastic little by little with exciting horror news. Not only do I love anthologies, but I especially enjoy horror Halloween themed ones and 10/31/16 is just that! They have just announced their official directors for the project and I, as well as the rest of PopHorror, couldn’t be more excited! Official Press Release: “A Halloween treat …

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Women In Horror Month: PopHorror Pays Tribute To Danielle Harris

Nowadays, the term “Scream Queen” is usually associated with any woman in any horror film. I believe that term has to be earned. Today, PopHorror pays tribute to our generation’s Scream Queen, Danielle Harris!  Since 1987, Danielle Harris has acted in over 80 films and TV shows. Her first movie role was Jamie Lloyd in Halloween 4: The Return Of …

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Petition to Cast Robert Englund as Dr. Loomis in the next Halloween

robert englund

Yesterday, a petition was created in hopes that a certain actor could be the next Dr. Loomis in the Halloween franchise. And guess who they want? The one and only Robert Englund, of course. The Petition Says: “This petition was created to allow fans of the Halloween series a direct say in a very salient part of the next film. In …

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Michael Myers is back in 2018! In Halloween 3?

I first watched the Halloween series when I was 5 or 6 years old. There was a very distinct moment where I learned I could be wrong. I had just finished Halloween 2  the previous weekend and my Grandma and I were back at the local video rental store. It was one of the small ones, the kind that had the best …

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Happy 69th Birthday John Carpenter!

John Carpenter

When you hear the phrase “Master of Horror,” there’s a pretty good chance John Carpenter is a name that comes to mind. Over the past 40+ years, Carpenter has done it all in Hollywood as a genre writer, director, producer, and musician. Today, we at Pop Horror would like to wish John a very happy 69th birthday! John Carpenter was born …

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