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‘The Final Photograph’ (2017) Horror Short Review

A picture is worth 1,000 words. Not only is there a lot to say about the photograph itself – the subject, the color, the tone, the angle – but it also says a lot about the photographer. Why did they choose to take that particular photo? In The Final Photograph, Josh Mowatt and Gary Berger’s second P.P. Urpansoph Films project, …

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Sleep Eater (2016) A Stomach Growling Horror Short Review

There’s a lot of things people do while they’re sleeping. Some people snore in their sleep. Some people talk in their sleep. Some people even walk around the house in their sleep. There’s a small percentage of people who suffer from Nocturnal Sleep-related Eating Disorder, a condition where they eat while they’re asleep. In Shane Grant’s debut film Sleep Eater, we …

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Servus de Infernum (2016) Horror Short Review

Although he spends his days designing custom movie posters and company logos for his graphic design business DBGgraphix, Gary Berger has another passion. And that passion is horror. The first time he got behind the camera, he created Servus de Infernum through his newly formed production company P. P. Urpansoph Films along with Josh Mowatt. How did he do? Read …

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‘Match’ (2017) Horror Short Review

We watch a lot of different kinds of horror here at PopHorror. We get isolated, we watch loved ones get tortured and die, we get chased by mute, omnipresent psychos, we go insane and we watch the end of the world, all on a daily basis. However, it’s not every day that we see the horror of running out of …

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Shattered (Horror Short) Revenge is Bittersweet

Losing someone you love in a tragic way is hard for anyone and sometimes can have a huge impact on that individual, not only physically but mentally as well. If you could seek revenge on the person who turned your world upside down, would you? All this plus more happens in the new horror short, Shattered.  StickyFeet Entertainment, LLC presents …

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The Last Night (2017) Horror Short Film

the last night

The last time we watched a short by Windar Media Productions was when we reviewed The Clown Network. Did their next horror short, The Last Night, leave us satisfied as well? The Last Night is a horror short directed and produced by Gustavo Genixo and stars Ximena Cou. It was released not too long ago and has a run time of …

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The Audition (2017 Horror Short): When Passion Becomes Obsession

the audition

We all want something in life, something that makes our lives more meaningful. What happens when an opportunity to begin a dream career turns into a horrible nightmare? We find out in the new terrifying horror short, The Audition. Directed and written by Anthony Raus, The Audition has a runtime of around 20 minutes. The short is a disturbingly dark story that …

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Exclusive Pictures For Upcoming Short ‘For Her’

We at PopHorror are pretty excited about the upcoming short For Her… directed by Daniel Mark Young. After watching his previous short, Run, we knew anything coming at us from Young was going to be a real treat. Today we got some brand new production stills from the filming of the short, as well as a few older pictures that have …

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