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Review: Unmasked: The Kane Hodder Autobiography

In horror circles, Kane Hodder is kind of a big deal. From his lengthy career as a stuntman and stunt coordinator, to his iconic portrayals of Jason Voorhees, Victor Crowley, Ed Gein, and more, Kane has seen and done pretty much everything in the filmmaking industry. His autobiography, Unmasked: The True Story of the World’s Most Prolific Cinematic Killer, documents …

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‘Friday the 13th – Killer Puzzle’ Mobile Game Coming in 2018!

Friday the 13th - Killer Puzzle

From the makers of Slayaway Camp – the award-winning “Bloodiest Puzzle Game Ever” – comes an even more frightening puzzler. Blue Wizard Digital presents: Friday the 13th – Killer Puzzle, starring one of horror’s most iconic killers! Now you can get behind the hockey mask of Jason Voorhees. His mission: to murder unfortunate campers at Camp Crystal Lake… and beyond! Friday …

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The Perfect Horror-Themed Drinks For Halloween

It’s almost Halloween, and that means it’s time for us horror fans to shed our masks and celebrate the way we truly want to celebrate every day. In order to properly party, we’ll need the perfect beverages for the occasion. Leave it to PopHorror to bring you the coolest and most disgusting drinks imaginable to celebrate our favorite holiday. So, …

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Waxwork Records Presents: Friday the 13th The Final Chapter!

Waxwork Records

Happy Friday the 13th! Waxwork Records is thrilled to announce the release of FRIDAY THE 13TH THE FINAL CHAPTER Original Motion Picture Soundtrack as a Deluxe Double LP! The score is composed by Harry Manfredini and sourced from the original master tapes. This comes directly from the Paramount Pictures vaults! Waxwork brings you the ultimate soundtrack experience for the fourth installment of the beloved Friday the 13th film franchise. Look …

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Meet Our Writers: Kenn Hoekstra

Smile you son of a....

Kenn Hoekstra joined the PopHorror team on August 29, 2016. His first article commemorated William Friedkin’s birthday. One year and 80-ish articles later, Kenn is here to enjoy long walks on the beach and talking about himself in the third person*. So what is this Kenn Hoekstra guy all about? Let’s find out… 1.) What is your favorite horror TV series? …

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Meet Our Writers: Karli Lawson AKA. Karli Ray

What’s your favorite horror movie quote? “We all go a little mad sometimes.” It’s always been my favorite quote. My brother even gave me a bag with the quote on it for Christmas! Who’s your favorite slasher villain? Jason Voorhees. His backstory is one of my favorite villain stories. Plus, he’s just one of the most brutal killers. He just …

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