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Interview With Graphic Novel and Horror Artist Steve McGinnis

You may not have heard of illustrator Steve McGinnis, but if you’ve spent any time in horror circles, you’ve most likely seen his work. He’s a fantastic and hugely talented artist, so if you haven’t come across his stuff, I encourage you to do a Google search or two. I was lucky enough to get a chance to chat with …

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Please Stop Calling ‘It’ a Remake

Maybe this is splitting hairs on terms and phrases. I keep seeing people posting things like, “Well, the new It was better/worse than the original.” Let’s not forget the outright internet rage when it was announced they’d be “remaking” It for the big screen. Here’s the thing. The film is not actually a remake. I’ll tell you why. First, I’m …

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‘IT’ Shatters Box Office Records and Audience Expectations

Pennywise in IT

That *beep beep beep* you hear is the sound of the money truck backing up. The latest incarnation of Stephen King’s IT absolutely destroyed Box Office records this weekend to the tune of $123 million! Unbelievable! Perhaps even more surprising is the strength of the reviews. The movie is certified fresh at Rotten Tomatoes at 86% positive. The audience scores …

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‘IT’ (2017) Movie Review – Totally Over-hyped Or The Best King Adaption Yet?

For the past year, everyone in the horror community has been talking about IT. Many were skeptical at first… who on earth could be a better Pennywise than Tim Curry? Certainly not the androgynous Bill Skarsgård! But over these twelve months, pictures of the Hemlock Grove actor dressed in a grimy, old-fashioned clown costume have surfaced, turning skeptical heads just …

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Meet The ‘IT Fan Art Contest’ Winner!

Unless you’ve been under a rock the past few months, you know that the long awaited, highly anticipated re-imagining of Stephen King’s beloved IT release is fast approaching. Back in June, an IT Fan Art Contest was announced with a grand prize of a trip to the premiere of IT. You may be wondering – did I enter this contest? …

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You’ll Float, Too, With These Red Balloons in PA

Not too far from where I live in Pennsylvania, there’s been a rash of mysterious red balloons being tied to sewer grates. This stunt has the local police force “completely terrified” and have forced the department to ask the person doing this knock it off.  With the highly anticipated film It coming out September 8th, there’s no doubt that people would …

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Jacquie Lantern Terrifies Horror Fans In Her Pennywise Makeup!

Makeup artist Jacquie Lantern is one of the hottest up and comers in the world of make up and special effects. Having been featured on Crypt TV, she continues to push her skills to the max. Whenever a major horror film comes out, Jacquie challenges herself to recreate something incredibly terrifying. A few months ago, she teased us with a …

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Eerie Red Balloons Tied to Drains Are Popping Up Out of Nowhere in Sydney

Want a balloon? In just a few days, the new adaptation of Stephen King’s IT will be arriving in theaters near you. Some people are going out all out for the event. We’ve got marathons, costumes, and even headless Georgie statues. Now? Eerie red balloons tied to drains!  Recently, some people in Sydney, Austraila reported seeing random, eerie red balloons tied to storm drains …

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Kids In Horror Costumes: How Old Is Old Enough?

Halloween is coming up soon, and people are already ready for the season of spookiness! People are buying candy, costumes, pumpkins, and decorations, all to indulge in the one day a year where you can be anyone you want to be and no one will think you’re a weirdo. Unfortunately, this year there has a bit of controversy surrounding one …

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Headless Georgie Mannequins Spotted in Downtown Toronto

georgie mannequins

It seems that no matter where you go, you can’t escape the fact (whether you want to or not) that Andy Muschietti’s IT is hitting theaters next week! Creepy, headless mannequins were spotted in downtown Toronto this week, and guess who they look like? Georgie! DailyHive broke the story recently, and we are loving these terrifying fan pictures. The mannequins were built by …

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