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Are Matilda And Stephen King’s Carrie The Same Person?

Matilda and Carrie are two famous literary and cinematic girls with telekinetic abilities. Now, thoughtcatalog.com introduced a new fan theory that suggests these two are actually the same person. But does this theory hold up when you break down both films?  The Theory: After the events of Matilda take place, Miss Honey decides that the memories of living in a …

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Meet the Awesome New Losers’ Club in the 2nd Trailer for ‘IT’

2nd trailer for it

IT is one of the most highly anticipated horror films in a long time. Everyone is talking about, whether they want to see it or not. The second trailer for the film has been released and focuses on the new Losers’ Club and it’s a must see! Official Synopsis: Children start to disappear in the town of Derry, Maine. The …

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The Dark Tower Gets First Official Trailer

The man in black fled across the desert, and the Gunslinger followed. Like the Gunslinger, we have been following the news of the movie version of The Dark Tower for quite a few years. The wait is finally over! Today we got the very first trailer for Stephen King’s The Dark Tower from Sony Pictures. Check out the trailer below! The …

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The Pennywise Controversy

It seems the IT remake is still causing a bit of controversy. Recently, I viewed a blogger’s article that basically stated that Tim Curry wasn’t a good Pennywise. I wanted to talk more about that statement and why it isn’t entirely accurate.  First off, Tim Curry’s performance was the best thing about the original It. He put his heart and …

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“Thanks For The Ride, Lady!” Creepshow 2 Turns 30!

Creepshow 2

It’s hard to believe, but George A. Romero’s Creepshow 2 turns 30 years old this week! Travel back in time with us to May 1, 1987, and reminisce about the sequel to Stephen King and George Romero’s wildly successful 1982 horror anthology Creepshow. In honor of the 30th Anniversary, here are 5 things you might not know about Creepshow 2. 1. Stephen …

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Stark Contrast: A Look Inside ‘The Dark Half’ (1993)

Directed by George A. Romero, Stephen King’s The Dark Half is a complicated film, with much of the storyline being open to interpretation. It’s also just a fun horror movie, Hoss. To be honest, I have not watched The Dark Half recently, yet many of the plot details and imagery are somehow fresh in my mind. More importantly, I remember the …

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Two Paws Up For Stephen King’s ‘Cat’s Eye’

cats eye

Written by Stephen King and directed by Lewis Teague, Cat’s Eye (1985) is among the greatest anthology movies of all time. It’s been 32 years and yet we still love everything about it. Let’s go into some reasons why! First but not least, you have that darn cat, General. Cat’s Eye wouldn’t be the same without him. Sure, two of the …

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The Year of the Clown: Crepitus Vs Pennywise


In case you guys didn’t know, it’s the year of the clown, baby! Although clown films are released all the time, it’s not ever year that two highly anticipated ones are coming out one right after the other another: Crepitus and IT. You can smell the coulrophobia in the air and the sounds of extra locks being bolted on doors in preparation for …

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Spike Released the Official Trailer for ‘The Mist’ Television Series

EW just announced that the official trailer for The Mist television series has arrived and you won’t be disappointed! Check it out down below and let us know what you think! Spike has aired the first official trailer for The Mist television series which debuts June 22 and is based on the novella by Stephen King. It is created by Christian Torpe and has a great …

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