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All Work and No Play Makes Louie A Dull Boy

all work and no play

“All Work and No Play Makes Louie A Dull Boy!” You loved him as little Pennywise and now the one and only Louie is back and channeling Jack Torrance from The Shining! He really has a knack for portraying iconic icons and looking super adorable yet a tad bit frightening when doing so.  The talented Eagan Tilghman is back at …

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Frightful Accessories for Stephen King’s #1 Fans!

Stephen King recently turned 70. He clearly has no intention of slowing down or retiring from writing any time soon. He currently has several successful adaptations of his works. For the big screen, there’s Dark Tower and IT (see our review here). On smaller platforms,  Audience Network’s Mr. Mercedes and Netflix’s Gerald’s Game (see our review here) and the upcoming 1922. Let’s …

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Gerald’s Game (2017) – To Cuff Or Not To Cuff?

gerald's game

It is the year of the King and it just keeps getting better! Directed by Mike Flanagan with a screenplay by Jeff Howard, Gerald’s Game is the latest adaptation of one of Stephen King’s novels. Gerald, played by Bruce Greenwood, takes his wife, Jessie (Carla Gugino), to a secluded cabin so they can spice up their marriage. After handcuffing her to …

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Twin Terror Weekends 2017 at The Stanley Hotel

Nestled within the Rocky Mountains at 333 East Wonder View Avenue in Estes Park, Colorado stands the historic 142 room Colonial Revival named The Stanley Hotel. Built by Freelan Oscar Stanley, who also co-founded the Stanley Motor Carriage Company, paving the way for the Stanley Steamer company. The hotel opened on Fourth of July in 1909, to cater to the …

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New Pennywise Gets Anime Makeover

new pennywise

Despite skepticism from fans of the original, the new adaptation of Stephen King’s IT is now one of the highest grossing horror films ever made. People can’t get enough of the Losers’ Club or the new Pennywise. While we’re waiting on Chapter 2, what else can be expected from the success of IT? Possibly an anime adaptation? According to The Nerdist, artist Mike …

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Is IT the Highest Grossing Horror Film of All Time?

New information is going around that IT is the highest grossing horror film ever made thus far, even surpassing The Exorcist. Could it be true? According to Variety: “The crown comes with some caveats. “The Exorcist” is still the top-grossing horror film on an international basis, having netted $441.3 million globally to “It’s” $404.3 million. The horror classic also made its …

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It’s Stephen King’s 70th Birthday! Let’s Go Streaming!

Stephen King

Horror icon Stephen King turns 70 years old on September 21!  What better way to celebrate than by streaming one of his films?  Netflix and Amazon Prime streaming have you covered! Now, admittedly the Stephen King selection this year isn’t that great. Still, odds are you’ll still find something you’ll like. Here’s a look at 4 Stephen King films currently available to stream …

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