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‘Stranger Things’ Pays Homage to ‘Nightmare on Elm Street’

It’s no surprise that Stranger Things pays homage to the 1980s. Now there is another reference to 1980s pop culture in the new poster for the second season. Check it out! The new poster features character Nancy Wheeler as she is about to be snatched by the Demogorgon. It clearly mirrors the poster from 1984 classic Nightmare on Elm Street. …

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‘Turbo Kid’ Team Going Back To The ‘Summer of ’84!’

Summer of '84

“Every serial killer lives next door to someone.” That’s the tagline for Summer of ’84, the latest project from RKSS, the creative team behind Turbo Kid. Variety broke the news that Rich Sommer (Mad Men) and Tiera Skovbye (Riverdale) will star in this retro horror thriller written by Matt Leslie & Stephen J. Smith. Filming began last month (July) in Vancouver and …

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Extraordinary New Comic-Con Trailer for ‘Stranger Things’ Season 2

The San Diego Comic-Con is putting out so many freaking awesome trailers! The newest one? Stranger Things Season 2, baby! Holy ghosts and goblins, Batman! This trailer is the best one I’ve seen yet! It revealed so much that we were wondering about (without giving too much away) and gave us great look into what Season 2 will deliver. I …

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Stranger Things Season 2: New Poster, Fun News, and Release Date!

Want to catch up on the goings-on in Hawkins? Well, wait no further because Stranger Things season 2 airs October 27th. Just in time for Halloween too and only a few months away! Plus, check out this jaw-droppingly beautiful poster that was released today. The poster shows our four plucky protagonists riding towards what looks to be the new big …

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Fans are Getting a Halloween Episode for ‘Stranger Things’ Season 2!

Today at work people kept asking me, “Do you have any big plans for Super Bowl Sunday?” I kept giving boring responses, because truth is I’d rather watch a horror movie over football any day. My interests have been peeked, however, because Stranger Things  will be airing a teaser trailer during the Super Bowl! And I only have one question… …

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Will Stephen King Really Be Involved in the Second Season of ‘Stranger Things?’

The internet has been abuzz with rumors concerning Netflix’s breakout series Stranger Things, citing everything from the expected release date to new characters. According to TMZ, we now have confirmation from David Harbour – who plays Sheriff Jim Hopper in the show – whether or not the Master of Horror Stephen King will indeed be involved in Stranger Things‘ second season. …

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‘Stranger Things’ Season 2 New Characters Revealed!

Stranger Things season 2 has finally been announced. Now that we’ve all come down from the utopian cloud of knowing season 2 is coming, we can relax a little bit while we surf the web looking for news. In fact, we have some news for you today that can get your imaginations running: new character announcements! The Duffer brothers have confirmed …

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“Stranger Things” Love From Doug the Pug

If you don’t follow Doug the pug, then you don’t know what you’re missing. Self-styled as The King of Pop Culture, Doug the pug has his dewclaw on the pulse of everything that’s trendy, and comments on everything from Harry Potter and Netflix to his own rapper lifestyle. Yes, Doug is a dog, but he’s a dog that knows what’s up. Go to …

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