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‘The Wayward Sisters’ to Spinoff from ‘Supernatural’

the wayward sisters

According to Deadline, The CW is going to produce a spinoff from the hit show titled The Wayward Sisters. The pilot will air as a backdoor pilot, initially as an episode of Supernatural introducing the new characters while bringing over some of the current characters. Outline: Written by Berens and Dabb, Wayward Sisters is expected to bring over other characters featured on …

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‘Awaken the Shadowman’ (2017) Trailer Review

A shadow person is a patch of shadow in the form of a humanoid that is believed to be the presence of a supernatural entity. This is the premise of J.S. Wilson’s film Awaken the Shadowman. Awaken the Shadowman is Wilson’s first time in the director’s chair with the script by Skyler Caleb (Waking 2013) and General Hospital’s Woodrow Wilson …

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‘In The Flesh’ TV Series- Not Your Typical Zombie Fare

What if the zombie apocalypse came and, instead of the human race being reduced to rubble, they rallied and survived mostly intact? What if, instead of a shot to the brain being the only solution for the undead, there was treatment, a daily injection that could return the mind to a pre-zombie state? This is the scenario offered by In …

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Anna (2017): Supernatural’s Ghostfacers meets Annabelle

Creepy killer dolls have haunted the horror scene since the late ’80s with classic titles such as Child’s Play (1988) and Puppetmaster (1989). However, a new popular trend of dolls have crept their way into the genre, starting with the infamous haunted Annabelle appearing in The Conjuring (2013). This deadly tool used by evil, demonic channeling, known in the paranormal …

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Supernatural Is Crossing Over With Scooby Doo!

Supernatural fans, we could be getting the crossover of a lifetime! Comicbook.com has stated that for Supernatural‘s 13th season, Scooby Doo and the gang will be joking out favorite monster hunters, Sam and Dean Winchester!  The CW made the announcement at its upfront presentation on Thursday morning. The episode will feature animated versions of Supernatural’s main characters, solving a mystery …

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Director Mark MacNicol Works On Getting Funds For ‘Dreaded Light’

There have been plenty of movies – both micro- and Hollywood-budget – that try to explain what happens when we die. Some of these films have the deceased going on to their own personal paradise, while others imply that, while their bodies are gone, their spirits remain on earth. Inspired by personal experiences, director Mark MacNicol (Nice Guys Come Last 2014) wants …

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The Blackcoat’s Daughter (2017): A Disturbingly Dark Horror Thriller

I love horror movies that go outside the box of what we expect from a genre story and make you think – especially ones that deliver a unique spooky tale that provides more than nudity, cheap kills, and the run of the mill bad guy. The trailer for The Blackcoat’s Daughter gave me chills and looked promising, but did the movie itself deliver? Distributed …

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Dig Two Graves (2017) Movie Review

We’ve all suffered losses in our lives: Pets, grandparents, parents, siblings. Losing a loved one can be the hardest thing to have to go through in a person’s entire life. How far would you go to bring back someone you love? Would you give up your own soul to get them back? In Hunter Adam’s Middle American Gothic tale Dig Two …

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Interview with ‘Dig Two Graves’ Actress Samantha Isler

Despite her relatively short career, Samantha Isler has already made a decent sized footprint in Hollywood. Not only did she star in the soon-to-be-released Middle American Gothic tale Dig Two Graves with Silence of the Lamb’s Ted Levine, but she also played the role of the teenage Amara on the CW TV series Supernatural and starred in Matt Ross’ Captain Fantastic along with …

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