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Interview with Carrie Finklea of the Female-Driven Horror Film ‘Quarries’

During the month of April, we are interviewing the incredibly talented women behind the horror thriller Quarries. This time, we are got to talk to actress/producer Carrie Finklea, who truly left a lasting impression in the film and brought her character to life. We discuss how she got involved with the film industry, details about her character in Quarries, and more. …

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The Blackcoat’s Daughter (2017): A Disturbingly Dark Horror Thriller

I love horror movies that go outside the box of what we expect from a genre story and make you think – especially ones that deliver a unique spooky tale that provides more than nudity, cheap kills, and the run of the mill bad guy. The trailer for The Blackcoat’s Daughter gave me chills and looked promising, but did the movie itself deliver? Distributed …

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Dagen Merrill – Director of Atomica Interview

One of my favorite things that I get to do after viewing a movie is having the opportunity to get inside the director’s head and hearing about some of the backstory that took place during filming. I recently got to sit down and have a quick chat with director Dagen Merrill and we discussed his upcoming Syfy Films thriller Atomica which will …

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Atomica (2017) – Movie Review

When PopHorror published the article about the new horror movies being released this March, there were quite a few on there that I was excited about. With movies like The Belko Experiment, Raw and The Devil’s Candy showing up on this list, I knew March 2017 was going to be a great month for horror. To be honest, the trailer for Atomica barely tickled …

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Time Lapse (2015) Movie Review: Don’t Mess with Time

With cult classics such as Alien, The Thing, The Fly and From Beyond leaving their mark in horror history, it comes as no surprise that science fiction has its own niche within the genre. While Time Lapse pales in comparison to these timeless classics, it holds its own by incorporating drama, mystery and horror while taking on the complexity of …

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The Official Poster Art for ‘Get My Gun’ has been Released!

We’re on the last day of Women and Horror Month and we have some fantastic news! Jennifer Carchietta, the writer and producer of the highly anticipated film Get My Gun, has released the official poster art and it’s absolutely stunning! “You’ve made your bed, now die in it” are some pretty powerful words and we love it! Get My Gun is …

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Quarries (2017) Movie Review – A Brutal and Fearsome Female Horror Thriller

Women in Horror Month is almost over, but that doesn’t mean PopHorror is done delivering awesome reviews on female-driven films. Over the past few weeks, I’ve watched several that were directed, written, produced, and starring powerful and inspirational women. It’s been quite the experience and I’ve loved every second of it. Most recently, I watched Quarries (2017) and was surprised by …

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The Deal (2017 Short) – Revenge is Bittersweet

the deal

Valentine’s day was just a few days ago and it’s a bittersweet holiday for a lot of people. Some love it and go all out while others avoid it at all costs. Not all relationships end up happy… and some should have never happened in the first place. Just like in the new horror short The Deal (2017). The Deal was directed …

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