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Scream Season 3 Gets Complete and Total Reboot

According to, MTV announced today that Scream season 3 will be getting a complete and total reboot. What does this mean? So far, we don’t know much. From what we do know is that Lakewood Killer Brandon James will be no more and that the answer to cliffhanger episode “Spring Break,” we will never know. Great. Just when we were …

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Interview with Matt Storc, director of Take Back the Knife

Awhile back, I reviewed the phenomenal indie horror slasher/comedy Take Back the Knife. Besides some minor technical issues, it was a hell of a debut for writer/director Matt Storc. Recently, I got the chance to sit and talk to Matt about his film, his influences, how to make an independent horror film with no money and who he would work …

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Truth or Dare (2013) A Truthful Review

I always find it interesting when a film maker takes something from my childhood and expands on it, making it truly their own. For example, everyone knows the game Truth or Dare. Everyone has their own variations of it. I recently got to sit down and watch Jessica Cameron’s take on it and I’m not going to sugar coat anything. …

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The Confession of Fred Krueger (2015) – Movie Review

As horror fans, we typically have a favorite franchise or icon, one that stands out among the rest. I’ve always been a huge Freddy Krueger fan and I can’t count how many times I’ve watched the A Nightmare on Elm Street franchise. It’s kind of weird to love a skinny white dude who is knowing for killing the children of Elm …

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Wes Craven’s DEADLY FRIEND Turns 30!

Deadly Friend

Deadly Friend is 30 years old? When I realized the big three-oh was on the horizon for Wes Craven’s oft forgotten chiller, I had to double check the date to be sure. Sure enough, it opened on October 10th, 1986, right alongside Jumpin’ Jack Flash and Peggy Sue Got Married, back when Crocodile Dundee still topped the charts.  Like Bennett said in Commando: “You’re getting old, John!” I …

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Interview with Actor Sean Whalen – From Roach to Acting Coach!

One of the perks of being a writer is sometimes I get the pleasure of having some of my favorite iconic actors grant me the opportunity to have an interview! Well, recently I got the chance to sit down and Skype with the one and only Sean Whalen who played Roach in the legendary Wes Craven film – The People …

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Wishmaster (1997) – Wishing You to Read this Retro Review!

I get so annoyed when people say that the 90’s didn’t produce any worthy horror movies. In a world of remakes and reboots, you would think people would be more appreciative of some of the most original horror films to date. Obviously, the 90’s wasn’t as hyped up as the 80’s for the horror genre, however, we did get some …

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