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Tampoon (2015) Comedy Horror Short Review

Over the years, we have had some awesome horror shorts that were turned into full length films, such as The Evil Dead, The Babadook, and Mama, just to name a few. After I reviewed another horror comedy Killer Rack, first time director Jeannie Jo had read my review and thought I might enjoy her film and introduced me to her short horror comedy film Tampoon. Once I had viewed it, I couldn’t stop thinking how brilliant this short was and how cool it would be to see it as a full length movie. It has a modern touch and brings something fun and quirky that I haven’t seen of this caliber. 

Tampoon follow Marissa (Alexandra August), a woman who clearly is making the wrong choices in men, especially when it comes to her boyfriend, Sean (J.J. Dunlap). After Sean shows up and is obviously a jerk, Marissa’s tampon becomes demonic. Yes, you read that right. There is actually so much relevance in this short that I think most women – if not all – can relate. Jo clearly knows what she is doing when it comes to directing and is actually the voice of the Tampoon. The premise to this movie and direction really does showcase Jo’s talents and I believe that she has a unique voice and view on modern films. I would personally love to see this as a feature film! It actually won Best Cringe Comedy at the Hollywood Comedy Short Film Festival in Hollywood, California last year and Best US Short at the SF Indie Fest’s Another Hole in the Head Festival. Below is a link for the horror short. Let us know what you all think and if you would watch a full length feature. I know I would! Be sure to click on the link below to watch the seven minute flick. Enjoy!



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