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The Fiancé (2016) Movie Review

I’m going to be up front and honest about something. I’ve never been a huge fan of Bigfoot. The only Bigfoot films I enjoy are Harry and the Hendersons and Ryan Schifrin’s excellent debut film Abominable. Did The Fiancé make it to the list of rare Sasquatch films I genuinely like or was it one of many derivative films that I couldn’t care less about?

The Fiancé is the latest film from writer/director Mark Allen Michaels (Valentine DayZ) which stars Carrie Keagan (Dead 7), Dallas Valdez (Valentine DayZ), and Douglas Tait (Land of the Lost). The Fiancé follows a soon to be married couple, Michael and Sara, who head to a cabin in the woods for some relaxation. Upon arrival, the bride to be gets attacked by a Bigfoot and has an unusual reaction: She goes feral and tries to eat her fiance. Can Michael survive or will he become a victim to his fiance’s newfound bloodlust?


I actually really dug this flick. It was very character driven. It goes back and forth between flashbacks of how Sara and Michael met to their current predicament. The makeup effects for Sara’s transformation were very minimal but I felt it worked. It was basically just sharp teeth and that was it. The full look for Bigfoot is only shown briefly at the end but it managed to look different from any other Bigfoot I have ever seen before. It’s not a gore fest but there is just enough to make it work. I enjoyed the juxtaposition of the past and seeing the couple happy, to now where they are trying to murder each other.


The acting was good by the entire cast but Carrie Keagan and Dallas Valdez ground the movie. The moments where Sara briefly regains control before it quickly falls away again are heartbreaking. Dallas Valdez as Michael was hard for me to read. I couldn’t tell if he really loved Sara or not. He seemed too quick to just try to kill her instead of trying to figure out a way to save her. Granted, she was trying to tear him limb from limb so I guess to a certain extent, that is understandable.

My only real complaint is the fight between Michael and Bigfoot isn’t shown. We are lead to believe that Michael not only survived a fight against Bigfoot but managed to kill him, but none of this was shown. It’s just freeze frames right as the fight is about to start and you hear a radio broadcast talking about the aftermath. This was likely due to budgetary reasons.


Overall, I thought The Fiance was a fun, character driven take on the Bigfoot genre. It managed to feel fresh and new in a subject that has been done to death. If you like being able to invest a little bit more than face value in your horror films, then I highly recommend this Sasquatch flick with a twist.

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I’ve been obsessed with all things horror since watching Night of the Creeps through my fingers as a young child. I’m a soon to be published author and aspiring screenwriter from middle of nowhere Illinois. Some of my favorite films are Return of the Living Dead, Gravy, Evil Dead, May, and Cemetery Man. I have a deep love for indie horror.

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