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The Love Witch (2016) Movie Review

Love, it’s something most humans desire. What if you could magically make someone fall in love with you, to the point they would be hopefully devoted to you? Would you do it? What if you knew your actions would lead to their eventual death? Would you do it anyway? This is the moral dilemma the protagonist of The Love Witch finds herself in.

The Love Witch is the latest film from writer/director Anna Biller (Viva 2007) and starring Samantha Robinson (Sugar Daddies 2014), Jeffrey Vincent Parise (General Hospital TV series), Laura Waddell (Crimson Peak 2015), and Gian Keys (Dark Woods 2003). The plot follows Elaine, a witch who uses magic to make men love her, which leads to disastrous results.the love witch

The Love Witch is visually gorgeous. Much like the films of the ’60s, every scene is overflowing with bright, beautiful colors, which is exactly what drew me to it. It contrasts nicely with Elaine’s personality. You see, while Elaine is quite stunning on the outside, her personality is fucking ugly. She is one of the most self-absorbed protagonists I have ever laid my eyes on. She bases her entire life on having a man and she will go to whatever means necessary to secure one, even recklessly using love magic. She claims she just wants love but when men fall for her and get emotionally attached, she mocks them. The use of magic leads to several deaths and yet she feels nothing. She shrugs it of like their lives were meaningless and their deaths don’t matter. She’s is as two-faced as they come.

Using love magic on her friend’s husband and when his feelings become too much for her, she brushes him aside and leads him to suicide, much to her friend’s dismay. She even has the nerve to comfort her friend after her husband’s funeral like she actually gives a shit. She murders a man in cold blood after he saves her from a room full of would-be rapists and murderers. That being said, the role of Elaine is played wonderfully by Samantha Robinson. She portrays a gorgeous yet cold and calculating seductress. She knows what she wants (or thinks she does), will do whatever she has to get it and damn whoever is hurt in the process. I honestly couldn’t take my eyes off of her.

Just a warning, if you require mass quantities of blood and gore in your horror films, you won’t find it here. There is only one bloody scene at the very end and it’s actually pretty tame. The Love Witch is more of a psychological drama that just happens to involve witchcraft. The film spends most of the running time giving a look inside Elaine’s head and showing us what a fucked, up beautiful disaster she really is. Ultimately, it’s kind of sad because she doesn’t even seem to realize it and she kills or fucks over pretty much everyone who actually gave a shit (or would have considered giving one).

Final Thoughts:

The Love Witch is as stunningly beautiful as its protagonist. Every frame is packed with amazing colors and there is always something interesting to see. If you require excessive blood and gore and visceral kills, you won’t find that here. On the other hand, if you like your horror films with a lot of drama and can deal with an utterly unlikable yet fascinating femme fatale for a protagonist, then I recommend you give The Love Witch a shot. 


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